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If you are new to the field of photography and want to excel in it, you need to have certain thing in your bag. There are some elements that join together to make a good photographer. As a person, new to all this stuff, you may find yourself in no man’s land. Especially, when it comes to the photography courses, people often do not know what they must learn. Therefore, here is an article that will tell you about different aspects that makes a good photographer. Some of these are natural, some comes with knowledge while, for the remaining, your experience is accountable.


Photography is actually an art. And for any art, you need to possess creativity. A photo is an artistic way of sending message to the person who is looking at it. Thus, you must have heard that “a picture worth a thousand words” and “pictures speak louder than words.”

Here, the creativity comes into play when you need to create a scene. You need to have a proper background, right colors, and appropriate focusing abilities in order to make your pictures clear and interesting. If you are willing to create a good photograph, you need to craft the ways to do so. For example, for taking a family photograph, adjusting the children along with adults and making them pose appropriately for the picture is your task. Moreover, you must be able to sense the “opportunity and time to take the photograph” for best results.

The technical aspects

An effective photographer is the person who knows about the technical aspects of the camera. This helps you in adding or subtracting the elements from a scene just by changing certain things in your camera. There are various components of a modern camera. You must know about the diverse range of lenses and their properties, lighting element and effect (whether it is the natural light or flash bulbs). Choosing the right filter for the situation and the accuracy of shutter speed are some other elements that comes in the technical aspects of photography.

On the other hand, with the development in modern techniques, many photographers do not pay much attention to camera’s technical aspects. They usually take help of digital photography to alter the images, bring in different effects, vary backgrounds, change light and do similar other tasks. Adobe Photoshop and Corel PaintShop Pro are two examples of photo editing software.

Know your field

Photography is a vast field and you can specialize depending on the type of career you choose. There are different subjects of photography that you may want to learn. However, if you are a beginner, you must overlook this. It is because at first, you must learn the basics. You need to be creative and you need to get the technical knowledge. You must adopt that sense of being at the right place at the right time. After that, you can go for the advanced photography courses and specialize and go forward to being a successful photographer.

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