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Being a company, you will surely be utilizing the internet for some reason. Whether it is for emailing and data transferring purpose, or it is the searching and client interaction, an internet is something you will always find in an organization. When your computer is connected to internet, your data is at stake. There are cyber criminals all around that may hack your computer and get the valuable documents. You, being the responsible person, will not be looking to get into some sort of situation where the criminals get your data and sell it to your competitors or use it against you. Thus, you need to make your network secure and there is no better way of doing it than using a vpn. Don’t know what is a VPN? Don’t worry. You will find the answer below.

What is a vpn?

When you are using internet, your computer’s IP address is coming into play. Most of the hackers get the IP and through this, they hack your computers. However, when you use VPN, you are assigned a different IP. This is actually a gateway. So, when you browse the internet with a VPN secured connection, you are browsing it with a different IP. The VPN uses secure data transfer techniques to ensure that the connection with which you are browsing is safe and the data transfer is secure. Thus, VPN is actually acting as a firewall on the web for your connection to protect it against any threats and mishaps.

Why you must use it?

To this point, you would have been aware of the importance of VPN and how it works. But if still you wish to look for the reasons that why you should use a VPN, here are some of them:

  • Anonymity: When you are browsing the web by the help of VPN, your activity and communications are secure for certain. But along with these, your identity is also hidden and this means that you are surfing through the sites as an anonymous person. Moreover, your internet service providers might have hidden a few websites in your area or your country. Through VPN, you can access those websites as well. It is because first of all, you get a different IP. And secondly, the VPN stops the ISP from tracking your activities.
  • Changed IP: If you are not a tech guy or a person who is into networks, you might not be aware of the importance of IP. In short, IP plays a critical role for any computer and is usually the main target when hackers are looking to penetrate your system and extract the information inside it. When you get a changed IP it means that you are serving the web from a different location than yours. For instance, you are a person from UK but want to check the BBC site of USA, you can just go to BBC by an IP address of USA to watch the change.
  • Wifi Secure: You can see in above section of what is a vpn that a vpn helps in protecting your data by encrypting it. When you are using public wifi, browse with the help of a vpn and your information will be secured under the layer of an encryption.
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