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The real estate agents are very responsible in real estate technology and they assist other people in the process of lending, leasing, buying, and selling land, homes and other properties. They have a number of activities daily to keep them up to date with real estate tasks, laws, and trends. Their daily tasks are lead generation, marketing, open houses and property closings. The most amazing fact about living a real estate agent life is that each day is different from another. The responsibilities of the real estate agent are very tough as they have to respond to the changing needs of the buyers and sellers and they sometimes shift their gears at the very last moment. Although every day is different but real estate agents have some common tasks everyday.

Real Estate Agents Using Technology

Real Estate Agents  are now days making their job more efficient by introducing technology in their work. They are getting following benefits in their business with technology.

  • The information storage security is developing day by day with the introduction of Cloud storage.
  • Now the industry has improved technology based software for efficient data organization such as Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • The employees have more reliable means of communication such as Skype and GoToMeeting.
  • The most amazing factor is that the wifi cost is decreasing day by day and coverage is increasing, people have cell phones and great internet access.
  • The existence of the online marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, and hundreds of other facilities has increased the connection between buyer and seller.

Some Administrative Duties of Real Estate Agents

Some days in the life of real estate agents are income producing but some days is spent totally doing administrative work. Administrative duties of agents are as follows.

  • Completing, submitting and filing real estate documents, agreements and leaserecords
  • Coordinating appointments, showings, open houses and meetings
  • Creating and distributing flyers, newsletters and other promotional materials
  • Creating and implementing paper and electronic filing systems for records, correspondence, and other material
  • Creating budgetsfor monthly, quarterly and annual operations
  • Data entry
  • Developing marketing plans for listings
  • Maintaining and managing client databases
  • Researching active, pending and sold listings to develop comparative market analysis (CMA)reports
  • Responding to emails and phone calls

As all these duties are very time consuming, many real estate agents hire an assistant to make their work easier for them. This leverage will make their time more productive.

Working with Clients

Whether working for buyer or seller, they have to deal directly with clients. They spend their time making presentations, taking digital photos, listening calls and emailing.  They also move together with clients for inspection of a property. They also meet loan officers and visit every place where their presence is required. Real estate agents must be licensed in their locality where they have to perform. In addition to this, they may have registrations and certificates to working well in their area.

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