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Just like women, most of the men are blessed with thick and fast growing beard hair. Some of the men have to struggle to stimulate the growth of hair and have a patchy beard. They have to face the consequences to deal with the slow hair and irregular, spiky beard. The growth of facial hair depends on genes. Many young boys who age between 18 -25 are keen to maximize their beard growth rate. They want to grow a beard faster. So if you want fullness in the facial hair, try out some of the great how to grow a beard tips. These tips will surely help you put and if you clean, moisturize and exfoliate the bear properly.

How to grow a beard

Follow the fantastic advice and grow the soft beard. Never use those electric shavers or razors to add fullness to your beard because they will end up giving you spiky, scraggly and fuzzy beard.

  • Take care of your face

Exfoliation is vital for men. It is best to use any scrub or exfoliate to remove the dead cells from the upper layer of skin. This procedure will stimulate the hair growth. You can also try an exfoliating mask. Apply any good quality product to your face and leave it for some minutes for the best effects.

  • Clean skin

Wash your skin clean and use a mild cleanser as a daily face wash. Clean skin encourages and stimulates the hair to grow smoother. Products like eucalyptus and aloe vera gel keep the facial hair soft. The moisturizer will remove the dry or flaky skin. It gives facial hair to grow quickly.

  • Ingrown hairs

If you have uneven r ingrown facial hair, then your beard will never grow evenly. It is best to have plenty of rest. Sleep will repair all the damaged skin cells. They also promote the beard growth.

  • Manage stress

It is best to find ways to manage stress. Beards will grow in a more quick and relax way. The health and beauty experts will let go of stress. You can try out some relaxation techniques and exercises which help to improve the blood circulation and promote the facial hair.

  • Vitamins and supplements

How to grow a beard by eating vitamins and supplements? The process is safe and secure. Biotin is the best supplement which grows the nails and hair fast. It is readily available in any drug store. People who use electric shaver more often end up getting a spiky and rough beard. The supplement promotes healthy and glowing skin which stimulates the soft beard growth.

  • Dietary products

It is great if you will add protein to your diet. Eat fish, meat, eggs and healthy fats to grow the facial hair. Hair is made up of protein and people who lack it in the body often get irregular hair growth. So pay attention more towards vegetables and fruits.

Make sure to groom your beard after it is fully grown. The urge to trim the beard hair yourself may end with the unexpected results.

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