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What are they?

A very well-known group of steroids in the world of medicine is known as the Anabolic Steroids. More commonly referred to as anabolic androgenic steroids or AAS these are used as substitutes of hormones like the testosterone. Due to their anabolic nature they help in increasing the quantity of proteins in the body and that too at the cellular level. In this regard the most positively affected parts of the body are the skeleton and muscles. They are also known to have brought about improvement in the sexually related properties of the human body. These may include things like changes in voice, growth of body hair and other features of masculinity.

Due to the risky nature of the drugs containing elements like anabolic steroids certain laws and regulations have been erected to restrict their availability and sales in the open market. The governments and drug regulatory authorities of different places in the world have marked some medicines as legal and some as illegal. Same is the case with anabolic steroids.

A Controlled Medicinal Product:

Bodybuilding supplements can be purchased from the market through authorized dealers and licensed chemists. They can only be sold to people who have a prescription. As a controlled drug item, this specific group of steroids is very efficient to improve the overall performance of the human body. However due to the risk involved and side effects of such performance enhancers, there are only a few medical conditions that can legally require these drugs.Read about Omni Bio Pharma for limitless Pills.

Health issues treated with AAS:

Some common health issues that can be treated with legal anabolic steroids include:

  • Wasting disease of the muscle
  • Patients with burns
  • HIV patients
  • Cancer patients of various types

While prescribing this steroid the doctor does not consider it to be only performance enhancement agent. He rather looks at the medical benefits that it can bring about in the patient suffering these serious diseases.

In older times doctors and medical practitioners hesitated and in some cases even avoided prescribing such anabolic androgenic steroids. But with the development and advancement in the field of medical science and drug technology, this group of steroids is gaining popularity. In fact many doctors have started prescribing this product for treatment of testosterone shortfalls and in replacement therapies of androgen. Most of the conditions treated by such steroids are caused because of age related issues.

Final Words:

Like all other types of hormonal drugs, the AAS should also be taken with a lot of care and precautions. Extra care should be taken while buying or prescribing a drug containing steroids. Excess of these can lead to dramatic and harmful effects on the human body.

In the past all types of steroids were consider to be harmful for people and they were considered to be totally forbidden or illegal. However, it has now been ascertained that not all steroid containing drugs are bad for patients. Some like anabolic steroids are very useful and helpful in curing the chronic diseases faced by the mankind.

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