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Do you want to know, what is public adjuster? Here it is. He is someone whom you hire to claim your insurance claim. These public adjusters have no relationship with the insurance company. They always charge a fee for the service they provide to you. He is there to assist you in your insurance claim process. Do remember that he can’t get you more money than the amount you are entitled to your insurance policy. Also, he can speed up the process to settle the claim faster. You simply have to pay them for their services.

The important thing to know about it is that they may charge you 15% of the total value of the settlement. In other words, you can say that they make their fee from the insurance claim. If there happens a disaster, then your insurance company will set a percentage that your public adjuster can charge out of the claim. Your insurance company does not charge you to provide you with a public adjuster.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Public Adjuster

After knowing that what is a public adjuster, now the question is how to make the best choice to hire one. Unluckily if your property or business has been destroyed and you want to claim your insurance then you have to be prepared for it because you have to spend your precious time and energy on the process. Listening and describing the list of things that you have lost and the value of each thing is a very difficult process. It is known as documenting your insurance claim.

Before hiring public adjuster, you should consider following things.

  • Be sure that you are going to hire a public adjuster who has the license. Must see their public adjuster state license before getting their service. Some adjusters work under the license of other firms.
  • Be careful that you are going to interview the one who is going to claim your loss.
  • Must see whether the company is signing up a large volume of business to give you special care and need that you want. The adjuster can delay your claim if he has a lot of claims to handle.
  • Ask about the credentials and the experience they have. Also, ask for how many years they have been licensed as a public adjuster.

Adjusting a claim as an Art

So now you know enough that what is a public adjuster? People say that claiming your insurance is an art, not a science. Most people who have experienced the loss totally rely on their insurance company to calculate the loss. This is not the way you choose. The best way is to make your own calculations and provide complete documentation to your insurance company and keep a constant follow up until you get paid. You can ask professionals to help you in calculating and researching the loss. Your insurance company always gives an extended coverage which is beyond the stated limit of the dollar.

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