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With the various media sites on the web, the reader finds it challenging to decide which ones to choose for relevant, real and neutral news on international affairs. We have listed below some of the world news sites where you will find genuine, in-depth and reliable news:

BBC News

BBC News is one of the famous news operations in the world across TV, radio, web, mobile and social media. The site has all the important national and international news stories on its front page, and you can choose to view stories specific to your location.

CNN Digital Network

The CNN is one of the world leaders in online news and information delivery. The website features the latest multimedia technologies and is updated continuously throughout the day.

The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the biggest News publishers and offers brilliant writing from award-winning writers. The website is very well designed with images, picture bylines, and boxed-off sub-sections spread across the homepage to add appeal to the stories.

The Independent

The Independent is a U.K. based newspaper that covers a variety of news regularly. As per reader reviews, they cover many world news stories which many other corporate owned entities may avoid.


Reuters, an international news agency is an excellent news site that has built a reputation, in the UK and the world, as the first to report news scoops. Reuters too is unbiased with its news reports and has a policy of taking an objective and “value-neutral approach.

As news sites struggle to find ways to monetize their stories and products, the reader must look for trustworthy and reliable news sites. The news can be biased in most cases, and it is suggested to read some news sites with differing but unbiased viewpoints.


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