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Forget about the brad reviews for legal and illegal steroids; let’s talk about the amazing lemon laws for brand new cars. The good news is that you can actually ask for a complete refund or replacement for your car if it proves to be lemon! So here is all that you need to know about it.

Round up of lemon cars per year

According to an average estimate, around 150 thousand cars have been known to be ‘lemon’ cars. This means that almost 150,000 people every year are owners of such cars that can be liable for financial refunds and replacements. Out of these 150,000 cars around 30 percent of the cars that are dubbed to be ‘lemon’ are brand new.

What car is defined as lemon car?

Do you know how solar works? We bet you do! But do you know about what a lemon car is? We highly doubt that. A lemon car is an automobile vehicle that is subjected to constant damage. The car not only has repeated damage that comes up the surface but also has defects that are not fixable. Hence, this is also term as ‘fraud’ on behalf of the seller or manufacturer of the cars.

Can lemon cars be new?

While many people think that lemon cars are only old or used vehicles since they have so much damage, this is not always the case. In fact, lemon cars can also be brand new, right out of the car showroom. For a car to have unfixable defects, it is not important for the vehicle to be old or used.

Do you know how a car qualifies to be titled ‘Lemon’?

The federal laws are something not everybody knows about. You have to call a lemon law lawyer to find out the details. However, it is best advised to have a little knowledge about which cars can be considered ‘Lemon’. This is the only way you will know when to avail the benefit of it i.e. if you have one. There are two types of defects that make your car or vehicle qualify as being ‘lemon’.

  1. Substantial Defects

Substantial defects are those that are included in the warranty. Hence, you do not even have to press charges for to claim these defects as they are already included in the warranty card. However, the thing about this particular type of defect is that it makes your car lemon only for a specified time period.

  1. Fixed attempts to repair

There are a fixed number of the times a car or any automobile vehicle can be repaired. This holds true for all cars; old and new. However, the number of fixes permissible for new cars is far less than olds one. Hence, if your new car asks for repairs a little more than normal, you should know that according to the federal state law, your car is a lemon. You can now ask for financial compensation, car replacement or full refund according to the law.


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