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Garbanzo beans are also called chickpeas, which lies in the oldest category of crops. This is one of the most famous crops across the continent for about 7500 years. It is a type of legume which has a large number of benefits. Garbanzo beans help in enhancing protection against diseases, increasing satiety, boost digestion, optimize the blood sugar level and much more. The value of garbanzo beans is increasing due to the enormous amount of nutritious elements.

Garbanzo beans facts

The nutritious elements in garbanzo beans prove it amazing chickpeas. Only one cup of garbanzo beans contain:

  • 268 calories
  • 6 grams protein
  • 3 grams fat
  • 5 grams dietary fiber
  • 85% manganese
  • 70% folate
  • 30% copper
  • 29% phosphorous
  • 27% iron
  • 18% zinc

Nutritious benefits of Garbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans are loaded with such beneficial nutrients that benefit the body in many different ways like help them to fight against the deadly illness and led a healthy life. The enormous benefits of garbanzo beans are listed below:

  • Control the blood sugar level

Garbanzo beans have a large amount of carbohydrates which are easily digested and use for energy. It is not necessary that all sorts of beans raise the blood sugar level immediately; some do it quickly while others do the opposite. But both sorts of beans provide the appropriate amount of fuel or energy to the body.

Garbanzo beans contain starch, which is actually a slow-burning carbohydrate. Starch contains glucose which is a natural sugar and the body uses it for many different functions. Unlike the other simpler form of sugar which is found in wheat, soda, refined flour, white bread or other packaged foods, the starch of garbanzo bean takes more time for breaking it down.

  • Great source of protein

Protein is an essential nutrient of a body, as it plays the important role in vital body functioning such as heart, liver etc. Moreover, protein also plays its role in slowing down the aging process. Protein has the following function in the body:

  1. Create hemoglobin and antibodies.
  2. Control the blood sugar level in the body.
  3. Help in the muscle building and maintenance.
  4. Provide a lasting energy.
  5. Help in fighting against bacteria.
  6. Help in a healing process.

Garbanzo beans contain a large amount of protein. It contains about 15 grams of protein per cup of a cooked bean which enhance the value of garbanzo beans.

Children usually avoid eating food containing protein, so garbanzo beans can be cooked with meatloaf to give it more delicious taste. Garbanzo beans in meatloaf cooking recipe enhance its nutritious value and make it yummier particularly for children. Recipe finding is not a difficult task in today’s world. Switch on the computer, go to the search engine and type meatloaf cooking recipe ideas, an individual will find a large number of helpful links. Meatloaf and garbanzo beans work together to make a complete protein food.

  • Provide enormous amount of minerals and vitamins

Some people do not eat meat and they lack many essential nutrients. Garbanzo beans or chickpeas provide such people with all those nutrients which they are lacking like iron, zinc, folate, B vitamins, and phosphorous. A deficiency in all these nutrients can cause anemia, poor digestion, poor eye health, diarrhea, thinning hair, stunted growth in children, and poor immune function. It also includes zinc which is the essential part of enzymatic reactions in the body. Garbanzo beans are the best source of those nutrients which are helpful in reducing the common symptoms of PMS: manganese, vitamin B6, and magnesium. This factor adds to the nutritious value of garbanzo beans.

  • Contain high fiber content

Garbanzo beans lie in the category of 20 high fiber foods of the world. Fiber actually helps in digestion by instantly moving the food in the digestive track and avoids constipation. It also maintains the pH value of food which increases the healthy bacteria and decreases the unhealthy bacteria. An imbalance may lead to many digestive problems. Thus, the higher content of fiber in garbanzo beans helps in improving the digestion. Moreover, it also protects the body against cancer, avoid kidney stones, prevent obesity particularly due to constipation, and aid in the heart health.



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