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The trend for health retreats including education on things like healthy eating, exercise, and of course Yoga and losing weight, is not a new thing by any means. However the extent of what we’re seeing today, the trend, is increasing at a phenomenal rate.

The top destinations for such retreats is to be found in South east Asia with islands like Phuket, and to a great extent, Bali heading the list. There have also been many retreats in places like Costa Rica and even throughout Mexico.

What I think really sets apart the new worldwide trend is the extent that education is now playing such a key role. It used to be a case that people would travel to retreats and simply want to get results on the spot and then return home a new person. Yet now that that is being seen as what it is, a dream which is not part of reality, more and more are requesting education so they can continue their journey when they return home.

That’s why education is now delivered daily at most of these retreats, including additional need-to-know skills like how to cook healthy food, as well as theory classes discussing, fats, carbohydrates and proteins and how these macro-nutrients work in the body.

Fortunately there is also more of a focus on going vegan and vegetarianism, with many of the older retreats shifting to all-vegan and most of the new ones starting as vegan from the beginning. Many cite the health benefits and detoxification as the reason for this, as well as a healthy concern for ecology and the compassion movement.

Other education important, and highly popular, topics include the mentioned cooking classes for teaching guests how to cook and prepare health food at home. As well as raw food specific preparation classes which is also highly popular.

These types of classes are hands on education helping their guests to navigate the real world when they return home from their adventure. Of course coming back from a place like Bali and finding oneself in Sydney for example trying to work out what’s healthy in the shopping market in and of itself is a challenge. Then the cooking and preparation needs to start ensuring that the right oils are used for example, in the right quantities and in the correct meals.

For example did you know that while Olive oil is often said to be extremely healthy, and indeed it is in small quantities on salads or other raw dishes. Yet when cooked Olive oil becomes highly unhealthy as the poly and monounsaturated fats become trans fats in a heated environment leading to a very unhealthy ingestion. Such is the need for proper education in health retreats and why it now plays such a key role.

I see education playing an increasingly crucial part of health and wellness retreats in the coming future. Now so many have attended such retreats in order to lose weight for example only to return home and put on all the weight that they lost on the retreat. The simple reason for this was the lack of education previously provided. As such as more people have already been through this cycle they make it clear at the retreat that they need education and that is how this new health cycle of education being provided at health retreats is self perpetuating forward.

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