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Juice Plus is a supplement that contains powdered form of fruits and vegetables. It should not be mistaken for e-juice which is a unique cigarette flavor. Juice Plus is in a ground form of fruit supplement similar to berries, apples and major fruits and vegetables obtained at the market. This powdered supplement is enriched with phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from 17 different fruits and vegetables. Being in the ground form, it makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients.

The medical field will always recommend a daily consumption of ample amounts of fruits and vegetables. But let’s face it, the structure and schedule of our lifestyle do not give most people the opportunity. Many people, like me, do not even know what the right amount of fruits and vegetables is. This is where Juice Plus comes in. It is a supplement created to make up for what we should eat. Our daily lifestyle is the type that makes it easy to consume junks, fast foods, starch and huge amounts of sugar. Fruits and vegetables are needed to counter the effect of these “dangerous” classes of food.

Worthy of note at this point is the fact that Juice Plus was not made to serve as a replacement for fresh fruits and green vegetables. As much as possible, users should try to balance the consumption of Juice Plus with some fresh fruits and vegetables. The outcome is superb. Faithful users have reported a boost in the immune system, improvement in overall health, healthy skin, increased hydration, lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.

One component of Juice Plus that I so much cherish is the absence of sugar. Without any doubt, sugar, a silent killer, is not body-friendly at all. Thus, during the production of Juice Plus, sugar is extracted. This makes you get all the good stuff of fruits, berries, and veggies without the sugar.

Juice Plus and Fertility

Infertility simply is a difficulty in getting pregnancy, as well as sustaining it to the point of delivery. There are many factors that could be responsible for infertility. While some could be self-inflicted, others could be beyond your control. However, in combating infertility, medical doctors advise patients to stick to the consumption of fruits, veggies, and berries. This is not surprising as these classes of foods are rich in nutrients that boost the fertility of the body.

Besides, the nutrients in fruits and veggies are essential in preparing the body for conception. For pregnancy to be successful, the body must be conducive for reproduction – pregnancy. In other words, it is not about getting pregnant alone, but sustaining the pregnancy. Thus, if the body is not in perfect condition to support the baby, it could be lost through miscarriage.

This was the case for Nancy Ross, a 37 years old Canadian Woman. Nancy, like many other women, had always desired to be a mom. However, her body did not cooperate as she suffered three different miscarriages. Thus, Nancy was able to get pregnant, but couldn’t to sustain it. No wonder a precancerous growth was discovered on her uterus during the fourth pregnancy. This growth complicated her pregnancy as the fetus would grow on the uterine polyps, instead of the uterus. To Nancy, surgery was the only way out. However, months earlier, she started taking Juice Plus. This thus explained the disappearance of the uterine polyps in ways even the doctors could not explain.

Nancy’s body was detoxified and prepared for pregnancy. Nothing else was responsible for this but the Juice Plus. The nutrients inherent in the Juice Plus was responsible for getting rid of the uterine polyps. Thus, fruits and vegetables, in whatever form (such as Juice Plus) are very essential in preparing the body for conception.

It is particularly recommended for people with difficulty getting pregnant. Not only does the female partner need it, it is equally important for her man as well because it facilitates the production of healthy sperms as the best testosterone booster. When the sperms are healthy, fertilization will be smooth, thus a healthy baby.

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