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With the release of the latest model from Apple Iphone 7 performed average in the market as somehow it did not meet up to the expectation of the buyers. But with the latest news pouring in Apple has decided to come up with their latest production Apple iphone 8 that is going to wow all iphone fans. The fact that we are getting rumors about the new model is evident of the fact that Apple is all set to go overboard with the latest production. Iphone 8 is going to have a redesigned factor to it for which according to the company this phone will be worth the buy. The iphone 8 is going to be released in the month of April and considering it’s the 10th anniversary of Apple, the addition of the specification and features seems like it is going to be grand. Let us have a look as what the rumors regarding the features are that is worth getting excited for.


Considering the features of apples iphone8 we get to hear that the new smart phone is not going to have the 3.5mm headphone jack , and no home button. As surprising as it sounds the features do not end here. The major rumors include the production of three models of iPhone, and all of these will be having glass chassis, wireless charging and thinner and brighter OLED screens. The iPhone 8 will come also have LG Innotek 3D dual lens cameras, and iris scanner where one can simple unlock their ohone with the glimpse of their eyes. With the competitive market Apple’s rival Samsung seems to have made it a point to include some of these features as well. Therefore, it would be interesting tosee how the phone turns out after its official lauch which has been scheduled next year in the month of April, that turns out to be the 10th anniversary of Apple.

We last saw the changes in terms of upgrade from apple with iphone 6, and since then we awaited the next big move from Apple. Therefore, with the news that Apple is going to go overboard with the redesigning factor, we are excited about the iphone 8 altogether. Thus, we look forward to the launch of Apple iphone 8 with a larger, curved screen that extend to the edges along with the additional features like wireless charging, all glass body, iris scanner, OLED screen, three varients, extended memory capacity, #D dual lens camera and many more. With such attractive features and addition that can be termed as redesigning, an effort taken by Apple to make this iphone 8 a revolutionary smart phone that would make the buyers not mind the burn in the pocket with regards to its price. Thus, all we can do now is to wait till the phone is finally launched next year in the month of April. Considering such rumors it is aproven fact that iphone 8 is going to be exciting for all iphone lovers.


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