Mini militia is one of the cool shooting game ever. It is also called mini militia doodle army 2. There are lots of interesting maps in the mini militia. Totally there are 15 maps including the new maps.


  1. Outpost

This is one of the most played mini militia maps. It’s a kind of limited map that is we can play between two posts. If we go beyond the post we will lose a life.

  1. High tower

This mini militia map is quite popular in quick play battle. Because It has a series of high towers. And this map has sniper and laser as main guns due to its long range.

  1. Subdivision

It is least popular mini militia maps it has got his name subdivision because the map is divided into two like two closed maps with a path between them.

  1. Bottleneck

As the name suggests the map is exactly like bottle neck, broader at the bottom and narrow at the tops. The short gun is pro gun of this map.

  1. No escape

This map is the combo of the high tower at the middle and subdivision map at the ends. And it’s one of the interesting mini militia maps.

  1. So long

Welcome to the loop mini militia map. In this maps, the pattern of the maps repeats after a certain distance. The rocket launcher is the pro-gun in this map.

  1. Lunacy

Enjoy the unlimited nitro in this map because we are on the moon. And it is one of the best of mini militia maps. The laser is the pro-gun in this map.

  1. Icebox

This map draws x2 nitro. You can’t fly more 8 seconds in this map. It has lots of box-like structure. So you need a long range high ammo guns Ak47.

  1. Snowblind

This is another mini militia map in which we have to use x4 nitro to fly as we used in normal maps. In this map, there are lots of trees to hide. This also need a long range gun like animal sniper

  1. Pyramid

Here in this mini militia map there is a big pryamid structure. Inside this structure we are bound to play the game. short gun is the pro gun of this map.

  1. Catacombs

Here comes the most second played mini militia maps. It’s all because it’s wonderful gun mainly saw gun. And there is also a centre spot from where we can fire in all four directions.

  1. Overseer

In this map there is floating unit in which the game is played and there is a set of flying unit. Short gun and rocket launcher is the pro gun in this mini militia map.

  1. Suspension

This map is simple mini militia map. It is just like machine parts. With lots of obstacles here and there. There are totally 3 units like this connected by the bar. All basic guns are found in this map.

  1. Cliffhanger

This is the new map which was recently released. In this map there is a series of Cliff hanging. Connected by stem like structure. And this map has a new gun too. This map is mostly played in custom games.

  1. Crossfire

This map is like series of x shaped path connected at the different location. This also has a new gun similar to flame thrower. And this is a loop map. And pattern repeats after some distance. This map is suitable for long time play.

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