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After the fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7 exploding the loyal Samsung buyers seem to think twice before planning to get a new Smartphone for themselves produced by Samsung. However, Samsung has assured that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be better and safer than the previous model. With the latest news pouring in we get to hear that Samsung is going to remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy S8. If this is a successful implementation from Samsung then this would be a winning shot for Samsung as after the Note 7 blunder there are chances that this will be a saving grace for Samsung. Apart from this Samsung has also confirmed that they are going to remove the home button from the handset and is going to make it all body feature which is to be seen in Apple iphone8 as well. In order to find out more about the news do read the article till the end.

Previously, Samsung had boasted that they have something Apple doesn’t, the headphone jack, which turned out to be the brownie point for the smartphone. But the only drawback from this step is that Android users will experience the issue of not being able to plug the charger and headphones in the Galaxy S8 at the same , which was the initial complain of iOS in the past. The positive part of this is that there would be free space that would be beneficial for the integrate loud front-facing stereo speakers into the handset. Apart from this Samsung Galaxy S8 had given us the news that they are going to do away with the home button that surfaced in October and they suggest the device will incorporate a dual-lens camera design and remove the home button for an edge-to-edge screen. This is going to be something to look forward to when the Galaxy S8 is going to launch in the month of April 2017.

The news about the delay of the release date has also popped up recently and according to Samsung it is due to the fact that they are working on the improvement of the model. However, it could also be a marketing strategy when the rival company apple is going to launch their iphone8 in the month of April as well. This is still something that we are not sure about. Samsung is expected to reveal its next generation Smartphone to the public at the end of February 2017, at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Till then all we can do is to swim in the amount of rumors and news about Samsung S8 that is pouring in with the days going by. However, with the inclusion of certain features it seems like Samsung is going to redeem itself from the Note 7 fiasco. Till then we feel that the new Galaxy S8 would be worth the buy as it looks very promising.



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