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What is design tool

Design tools aims to design a picture or a portrait using media and computer programs. They shape the action of production into a design of an image that is inside the designer minds. This must be kept in mind that each induvial have different perception of the design. Design tool is a full fledge software tool to help the designer in designing. It is the Designer Skill that converts the image into an art. Design tools expand with time their functionality depends on the user feedback. Most Designer like to design on the visual tools of pencil and paper first. Once the Designer has designed a strong idea, He moves towards the virtual tool itself.

How design tool works

The Design tools conception is actively directed towards the programming. Different Programs combine together to create a design tool. Let us take an example of the Arithmetic designing. This programs help to draw line through the interface of a Design tool. Uploading the picture program helps the design tool to upload the existing picture of a user through the interface itself. Applying Layers can also be done through paste on layers program. Although this program is complex but rate as one of the best features of the programs.

Top Two Design tools

There are many top notch design tools out but Affinity and Pixate are believed as top dogs.


Affinity was name as the Photoshop killer by top reviewing websites. All the credits goes to the designers who designed affinity. The app is so well crafted and thought through it feels that as if it is reading your mind. Affinity is perfect description of a well projected and devoted web graphic design tool. The alining of nondestructive layers was one of the features that I personally used a lot. This feature helps you a line images or vectors without destroying the quality. The zoom in efficiency is greater the photoshop itself. The affinity can zoom twice more than Photoshop itself. This feature really kicks in when you are working on vector art and you have to get in really Close. Once you zoom in you can move back.


Pixate is an app which works for Dual platform Android and IOS. Pixate dense designing helps creates designs that are very natural. The natural models synergies with platform so well that it takes an enormous amount of emotions to reject the design. The Pixate simplicity and user friendliness makes it different from others out there. A simple drag and drop sprite is used to create design. Selection process takes a double tap and mouse hand drag-drop gesture. But you do have set some variables to define between the right spots and perfect spots. Functions of Pixate are available in form of a library that can be applied.

What is difference between Design tool and Poster maker

This question is highly asked by most of the beginning designers. A design tool helps you design a lot of things including image and different programs. A poster maker helps you create poster with different and interacting designs.

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