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Hotmail is one of the top services of the Microsoft and it is really easy to use. It is one of the most used free email services along with the Gmail and yahoo. Emails are being used to interact with people throughout the world in a matter of seconds and there are little chances of the presence of a human being without owning an email account. But if you are just a newbie on the internet and want to know about how to use Microsoft services online specifically Hotmail you can go through the following precise information.

Hotmail Sign up

To join Hotmail you just need to visit the official Microsoft website and there you will see the option of ‘Create new account’ that will give you an opportunity to sign up to your new Hotmail account. By clicking the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘new account’ the website will take you on a journey of incredible Microsoft services. You will first need to provide your personal information to assure your credibility and all the needed information will keep your data safe and out of the access for external users. There will be plenty of boxes and empty spaces asking you to enter your first name, last name, place, date of birth, and your desired username for your email address at the end of which Hotmail.com will be added automatically and you will be asked to set your desired password for your email account to get an access whenever you want. The website may also require your phone number to verify your account and to enter a specific code to assure that you are not a robot. Once you are done with the whole procedure as prescribed, your new Hotmail account is Sign Up Hotmail. Now you can send and receive emails and save data into OneDrive and also can use Xbox live as well as other live services offered by the Microsoft.

Hotmail log in

If you already own a Hotmail sign in , you don’t need to worry about accessing your data. Just open the official Microsoft or Hotmail page and you will see the two empty blocks asking you to enter your email address and password. Once you enter the information and click on Hotmail account login  your email account is ready to use. As Hotmail, services have been widely criticized for its lack of security so the authorities have worked to establish new security check layers before giving the users an access to their accounts. Therefore, there might be a need to re-verification of your account if the area of the access has been changed and you will be required to provide unique code sent to your mobile number by the Microsoft authorities. All these things are just to keep your password and data secure. Verify and use your instant messaging services. There is also a confusion lies among the old Hotmail users that Hotmail is replaced by outlook.com but there are still some differences whilst the front Microsoft page shows you the outlook background.



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