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There are some kinds of foods, which you should never feed your dog. Although there are varieties when it comes to individual dogs, which could be as a result of their weight, size, breed and other factors, but you should avoid some for all dogs. This is because they might be toxic to them.

Foods that are very healthy and perfect for human consumption may be poisonous or toxic to your dog, which would end up posing a great threat to the wellbeing and the health of your dog.

This reason behind this is because all animals do not have the same rate of metabolism. They all have various processes of breaking down foods and converting them to energy.

But in case you have being feeding your dog with bad choices of food, there are signs that will let you know. You can visit your veterinarian to work with him in drafting a dietary plan with healthy pet treats that will meet the nutritional needs of your dog.

If you see these signs, let your Vet know this, so that you would be sure that the signs are not caused by any medical problems.

1.     Bowel Issues

The problem with your dog’s bowel could be loose stool (diarrhea) and constipation. This could mean that the food your dog has being taking ig not good for its digestive system.

  1. Energy Levels

If the food you are feeding your dog is not giving it the required and proper nutrients, it will affect its enegy level. Your dog might be acting sluggish after meal, or the energy level after meal isn’t just right, you need to talk to your vet. The energy level would affect its temperament or not look like the right one for its breed or age.

  1. Behavioural Issues

Food is very important, because it tends to affect everything. If your dog starts stealing foods or it always seems the food is not filling him every time, you could switch the food.

  1. Ear Issues

Food allergies could also cause problems to your dog’s ears. If your dog has serious ear problems and you have tried your best to fix it to no avail, try discussing this with your dog’s Vet.

  1. Illnesses

If you dog acts funny after every meal, it could be that the food does not fit its digestive system. This could be acting sic, vomiting or any other signs that shows that your dog is not comfortable, this can mean that the food it just ate is bothering it.

6.   Flatulence

It seems some dog breeds are prone to gas. It is not right that the gas from your dog drags you out of your home. When your dog is experiencing gas that is extreme in term of frequency and smell, this might be implying something has gone wrong with the food your dog is taking.

7.    Itchiness

When itching and scratching is getting too much for your dog, it could be a result of allergy or bad reaction to some of the ingredients in your dog’s foods.

8.   Weight

If your dog starts losing weight or gaining it in an abnormal way, it could be as a result of too much carbs in your dog’s food. If it is not that, then the carbohydrates is not enough.

  1. Loss Of Appetite

If your dog has being eating well and suddenly start losing interest in eating because he does not want it, it could be that the food is making him uncomfortable.

  1. Acting Hungry

Does your dog act hungry all the time, even after meal? Then, it could be that your dog is not getting the right nutrients that are necessary from his food.




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