Hair plays a vital role in a person’s personality and self esteem. We usually take our hair for granted until they are gone. Nowadays, more and more people have started losing their hair at an early stage, which makes them look older than their age. Losing hair is a very stressful experience for people.  

It is normal for the hair to fall out and grow back many a times, the problem arises when the hair falls but does not grow back or the grown hair is not as thick as before. Hair transplant treatment is a boon for people who are concerned about thinning hair on the scalp or going bald.

Hair transplants used to be only available to the rich and famous due to the extortionate costs involved. As with everything, when competition increases, prices tend to fall. Cosmetic treatments, or to be more specific, hair transplant treatment has seen a massive boom in the last five years because of falling prices. This can largely be attributed to cheap prices offered by clinics in India.

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Hair transplants in India have seen a massive rise in recent time. Indian citizens as well as foreign medical tourists are opting for India for their hair transplant surgery. The influx of people arriving in the country to get a hair transplant seems to be increasing every year.

Hair transplant cost in Mumbai is very affordable and having promising result. Other cities like Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahemadabad and Delhi etc having good hair transplant facilities and experienced hair surgeons.

Apparently, thousands of NRI, Americans and Europeans are travelling to India every month to undergo the procedure, resulting in a massive injection into the Indian economy.



Before, during and after the treatment, you can expect the following steps:

  1. Evaluation: determining the extent of hairloss through Norwood Scale or photos.
  2. Aim: what do you realistically expect to achieve with the procedure?
  3. Type: what budget do you have available for multiple sessions?
  4. Appointment: when and where do you prefer to have the procedure?
  5. Session: arrive at the clinic as if for a dentist appointment and undergo procedure
  6. Hair regrowth: immediate return to your social life

The whole procedure can be completed in a week, if there is an available date


What are the Methods of HAIR TRANSPLANT SUGERY?

Hair transplant basically a surgical treatment which brings permanent solution to baldness and planted hairs never fall again because of the fact that the hair graft are taken from the back side of the hair which are permanent in nature. Following are the methods used for hair transplant surgery:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): During FUE hair transplant, each hair follicle is removed from the donor area with the help of a small punch. This procedure is repeated till enough follicular units are harvested for hair restoration. The follicular units are then placed in the recipient sites which are prepared beforehand by using a fine needle point instrument.
Fue Hair


  • This procedure does not require any incision or stitches
  • Dotted scar which are formed are less noticeable
  • There is minimum discomfort and quick recovery


  • The procedure is quite time consuming and may require multiple sessions
  • Damage rate of the grafts is higher in FUE as compared to FUT

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): FUT procedure involves removing a strip of tissue with hair from the donor area, which is the back of the head by the surgeon. The hair follicles are then harvested from this strip by the clinical team and then implanted in the recipient area, which is the area with the bald patch or scanty hair. Great number of grafts can be transplanted with FUT in a single session.


  • Large area is restored with the help of this surgery
  • FUT surgery is less time consuming and a large number of hair is restored in limited time


  • FUT surgery leaves behind a linear scar at the back of the head which looks unattractive
  • It takes longer time to heal as there are sutures involved.

Robotic FUE Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant surgery is an advance form of Follicular Unit Extraction. During Robotic FUE procedure, the harvesting of follicular unit is done by an automated hair transplant machine which enables the transplant to be performed with unparalleled precision. It locates and extracts follicular units with speed and accuracy that is not possible to duplicate with human hand and it can also create recipient sites for the placement of the grafts according to the plan programmed by the physician.
Robot FUT


  • Reduces harvesting time
  • Increases the accuracy of harvesting
  • Increase in the rate of survival of grafts and minimizes wounding
  • Creates recipient site with increased accuracy and speed



There are practically no side effects with this procedure, because all appropriate precautions are taken before the operation.

This non-invasive procedure has so far not produced any negative side effects.



Cost of hair transplant in India is a function of many variable factors. If you want to find the best and affordable hair transplant, you need to first understand how the costing is done. The costs vary from technique to technique, patient to patient and surgeon to surgeon. Type of surgery and technique you opt, nature of your hair loss and expertise of surgeon etc.

There will be always a price tag attached to surgical hair transplant treatments if you demand quality. It is just a myth that hair transplant will empty your pocket. You still can find cheap and best hair transplant cost in India. Following are the factors which affects the final cost of your hair transplant.

  • The amount of hair follicles which need to be grafted and transplanted
  • Area of the baldness in your scalp which is to be transplanted
  • Cost vary for single or multiple transplants
  • Whether you are affected by any skin related diseases
  • Irregular shape of hair loss where it is to be transplanted
  • Place where hair transplantation is done-for scalp, beard, eyebrows etc


what’s the conclusion?

Purpose of this article is to make our readers understand that being bald or losing confidence due to hair loss is choice now and not a compulsion any more. In case you are losing hair and hence your self esteem and want a permanent solution to this problem, all you need to do is, research on internet about hair transplant treatment, select a good surgeon nearest to you and go for the surgery.

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