In a world where a lot of diseases enter into our body when we consume unwholesome food products, it becomes more important to ensure that attention is paid to the nature, sources and types of food we take in. In the United States alone, about 76 million food related diseases have been estimated annually.

This staggering statistics has caused people to express concerns about the presence of contaminants in food. While the use of 100% copper mugs to serve the ancient Moscow mule may not be a completely bad idea, it is essential to examine the challenges that may come up in order to assure consumers and allay their fears about developing infections when they take the mule served in pure copper mugs.

Ever since its inception by Jack Morgan and John Martin, the Moscow Mule cocktail has enjoyed wide gained huge acceptability. This may be partly attributed to the ease by which it could be made; Moscow mule can be made from vodka, ginger beer and lime juice mixed together in varying amounts.

It is not only the Moscow mule that has become so popular, the copper mugs inside which they are served are not hot commodities too. Copper mugs are the containers of choice for serving Moscow mule because they conserve the chilling temperature for longer hours. Serving the lime juice inside pure copper mugs also lower their acidities and makes them crisper.

The use of copper as the material for the mugs has not gone without concerns. Copper, being a heavy transition metal, means that mug owners now have to contend with rising copper level when they use the copper mugs for a long time.


I came up with this piece in order to address these concerns and to provide insights into how the use of copper mugs for serving Moscow mule and other cocktails can affect individuals.

Scientists classify copper as a heavy metal. Containers made from copper leech the metal when hot or slightly acidic contents are placed in them. This means copper is deposited into whichever content is inside the containers. Thus people who take contents from copper mugs are at the risk of having copper level beyond normal amount especially when this persists.

What happens when I drink from copper cups?

While drinking from copper cups for too long may pose health risks, drinking from copper mugs that are lined with nickel, stainless steel or other materials are completely safe for the body.

A copper mug plated with nickel or stainless steel material poses no health concerns. These lining materials are used to plate copper mugs. So copper does not leech into liquid contents inside the mugs.

However when these coper containers are old, they bear scratches. Depending on the extent of these scratches, it is not advised to drink from copper mugs whose nickel plating has been compromised by scratches. But when these scratches are only on the surface, the containers could be used.

In all of this, exercising caution is advised. Elevating the normal copper level in the body may have dire consequences despite the fact that copper is required for certain biological processes in the body.

If you want to stay safe while using your mugs, ensure you find out if these containers are lined from the outset. Also verify whether or not there are scratches in the interior of the copper mugs. Where the mugs are not lined with any metal, it is advised you leave those and seek replacements that are lined. When it becomes unavoidable to use an unlined copper mug, caution must be taken not to use them for too long to limit exposure.

Acidic or hot contents react with the metal containers and cause them to deposit into the contents. Hence glass containers are used to serve acidic contents while chilled contents are best served inside copper mugs. There is also a feeling of extra coolness that is experienced by using coper mugs.

The sleek designs of copper mugs make them irresistible to guests. They are also believed to have high thirst-quenching abilities.

The fun derived by drinking from copper mugs can only be imagined. Nickel-lined copper mugs were developed to keep you safe while also experiencing the happiness that is associated with drinking Moscow mule served in pure copper mugs.


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