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Obesity is known in different definitions in the language of medical science.  Obesity is a condition in which the body possesses the extra fat in the body. This condition can also put one’s health on risk. There are many conditions found that are due to the obesity. This is usually happen when your weight increase than your age. Many treatments are also available which can help you to manage the weight. Before going for any treatment you must aware of what causes of obesity and how you can avoid from them.

Causes of obesity:

The reasons of obesity reveals around two main conditions and that are physical and environmental. The other few causes are discussed in details below.

Poor eating habits

You must be eating such food which are able to provide the all things that a body require on daily basis. Overeating also cause to increase carbohydrates and sugar which create a big disorder in your body. But fruits and good amount of vegetables will help to control the obesity.

Insufficient lifestyle

Due to the progress of technology in this modern time, many people are free to do much physical work in office and some conditions at home as well. Technology made all work so easy but when you don’t move then your body doesn’t burn the stored fat and energy which will also a reason of obesity for office going persons.


There are many treatments which will help you to eradicate obesity and also control for the next time but here we explain few from them. You just adopt and work on them regularly.

Healthy diet plan:

The main and the most important thing is healthy diet plan. It will help you that how to control extra fat of body that usually cause of obesity. Must observe and select a healthy food plan for you. A research shows that only few boys and girls who work on diet plan in their daily routine. Always try to focus on balance diet which will keep a sufficient amount of energy in your body. Food and vegetables are the natural food choices and can help you to control obesity up to higher point.


The simple and easy way is definitely exercise. You must drink 60 oz water in a day which will control the obesity causes in your body. The only way to control your fat is the exercise. Do exercise and walk regularly and never neglect it at any solid reason. Do works continuously and never lose your patience. In some places the patience never gets benefits from diet plan and exercise. Then the next step is surgery for such case.

Do physical activity

Do few physical activities is a great source to avoid obesity. The majority special the youth of modern time must know the importance of exercise and different activities in their life. Must be go bed early and next day go for morning walk. Must do exercise and walk in daily basis and also join little domestic work.

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