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If you are a beginner and managed to buy a best metal detector, you must be thinking about what other equipment do I need to enjoy this hobby. Getting started with metal detecting would be enough to have a new metal detector to practice in your backyard. However, you must read the detector’s manual to know about its features. This way you will be able to set the detector’s sensitivity level, know about its tones and other settings to avoid confusion. However, when it comes to going to metal detecting, seriously you would need some more equipment.

Must Have Equipment

Headphones: This is an essential device to have. Initially, you may start with a simple headphone that you have at home. However, if you are taking metal detecting professionally, you can go with the special headphone created for metal detecting. It will help you to distinguish the different tones. I would suggest using a headphone with the volume control.

Digging Tools: Once you managed to find something using your metal detector, you will need digging tools to reach to the target. Your choice of digging tools must depend on the situation.

Tool Belt: A tool belt helps to keep you and tools together. A tool belt with at least three pockets is recommended, that way you can keep the tools and your findings separately. A tool belt made by Pro Series Deluxe Cordura can be very handy for you.

Compass: In this era of technology you might be using GPS, but a compass can play a vital role to save time. Your GPS can stop working anytime or got damaged, in such situation a compass can help like a charm.

A Plastic piece or Towel: To make sure you have found the right metal, you need to make it clear. A towel and the piece of plastic help you to clean your findings and you can keep it on the plastic piece to confirm.

Other Accessories

The above-shared types of equipment are essential for beginners. However, if you are going to be a pro in this industry, you might need the following accessories as well.

If your coil is not waterproof, a coil cover will help you to keep it safe from rain and water. If you managed to detect your target, you would need a larger coil to search the specific metals. You can have different sizes (small and large) coils to detect metals. A small coil helps you to detect at places where the large coil won’t reach.

If you want to save your time a pinpointer metal detector must have device. It helps you to avoid digging at wrong places. Kneepads are also helpful while searching at rocky situations. A backpack is a must have accessory that keep all your tools safely together. If you are searching smaller metals a magnifier support to identify your findings. A flashlight or a LED bulb are also handy.

The above accessories are essentially required for metal detecting. However, if you are a professional metal detector, there would be several other things that you might need to make your metal detecting fun. Read more about metal detector reviews





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