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Sometimes you got an amazing idea for an invention and you feel that there is a strong need to hire a lawyer to apply for a patent. Sometimes you don’t have enough budgets to pay the lawyer’s fee and your answer for hiring a lawyer is simply “No”. You want to do it all alone just because you are thinking to save hundreds of dollars that you have to pay as attorney’s fee. In this article, we will guide you in a simple way how you can do it in an economical way without getting the help of a lawyer.

How to File the Patent without a Lawyer?

There are thousands of inventions in the world that are being navigated for the patent on their own. In most of the countries like the US, you as an inventor have to apply for trademark or patent without the help of a lawyer. To get this, you need two things. Firstly, it is important to prove that your invention really needs a patent. Secondly, you are able to describe all the necessary aspects of your invention. No legal skill is required in this process

Some Simple Steps to File a Patent Application for your Invention

You have to take some basic steps to file a patent application for your invention. Just read and record these simple and quick steps in your notebook. All the steps require no lawyer to be hired and you can do it all by yourself. Here are these…

  • Maintain a Record of your Invention Carefully

The first main step is to record or right every step involved in your invention on a notebook. Do it carefully and with full dedication. You have to describe every aspect of your invention in a detailed way and if possible make diagrams. Mention every modification. Also specify how you came up with an idea to invent a particular object or product. Built a model or prototype. Sign and mention date on every step you performed and document it.

  • Are you Sure your Product Require a Patent Protection?

Patent can not be applied just to an idea. You have to resent its working and make sure that it is new. You also have to prove that it is totally different in its aspects form all the preceding inventions. Also make sure that you can not sale it and it is not known to people before you are applying for a patent. It must qualify for a patent.

  • The Invention Must Have a Commercial Potential

Basically you are having a business decision behind a patent application. If you are hiring a lawyer it will cost you about USD 1400 to fill the entire attorney’s fee. Make sure it is worth to introduce in the market. Better to make a market survey before applying a patent.

  • Filing the Application

When you file a patent application basically you are going to file a full fledged regular application on the provisional level. Filing an application will allow you to claim for a patent.

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