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Mauritius is a nation that offers a unique mix of African, Indian and European influence. Famous for its luxurious beaches offering world class relaxing and diving experience. The country’s mountainous landscape is amazing for hiking and mountain climbing. To sum it up, Mauritius is paradise on earth and for this reason here is my in depth guide to Mauritius


Mauritius by first glance seems to be made for beach lovers but there is so much more to that. Apart from her wonderful beaches, it is an explorer’s paradise offering plenty of adventure from the unique Indian temples to an opportunity to watch rare bird spices and the undisturbed botanical natural gardens. Not forgetting that Mauritius has the world’s third largest coral feel. With a rich blend of African, European, Chinese, French and Indian cultures, one is sure of a rich diversified historical culture. Before packing up, it is always recommended to rent a car in Mauritius beforehand. We recommend Soleiro Car Rental Mauritius, in case you need one. Services like Airport Transfer Mauritius, Private Chauffeur, Tours and Guide Facilities are also available at Soleiro.



White sandy beach offering undisturbed view of the blue sky, Clear Ocean, and cool breeze are a rare site and experience to many city residences across the world but not in Mauritius. This beach provides one with an opportunity of many water sporting activities. Water sporting is a very special activity to beach lovers and as a matter of fact without it the beach tour is not complete.


It is the capital of Mauritius. With the highest per capita in the whole of Africa, one is sure to find nothing but the best.


This is the highest waterfall in the country offering a breathtaking view of the waterfall more than 80 meters to the ground.


Home to some of the world rare birds and well preserved national parks offering visitors unforgettable moments of their life. To the west coast, one has the opportunity to swim with dolphins which provide an amazing experience for both children and adults.


Many markets displaying all the unique culture of the island are a site that one ought not to miss.Most notable markets are the clothing stores of Quatre in a town at the heart of the country and the Mahebourg market that offers nothing but the best of Mauritius traditional cultures.


Once a plantation now turned into a museum. It does offer a look at the historical past of the country from well-preserved botanical gardens.


The likes of Ernie Els golf course can be found in Mauritius, so if you are a golf fan you will not be disappointed as this is your dream destination.


A rich combination of French, chines, Indian and creole has resulted to mouthwatering delicacies unique to the island. This assures visitor of energy filled adventure from unique meals.


With favorable temperatures all year round, Mauritius has become a favorable destination for visitors. The island peak season is from September all the way to April due to its generally humid and slightly rainy atmosphere.one should not worry about the rain as due to the regions micro climate it can be rainy in one part but sunny on the other and so the fun never stops.


At the promise of an amazing holiday time, it is surprisingly affordable to all willing visitors. It offers the best deals in the region promising luxury at the best value for once money. Mauritius uses the Mauritian rupee which though can be exchanged before the visit it is advisable to exchange it in the country to obtain the best deal. One should not be worried about accessing his or her money as ATMS are in most towns. Fortunately, nearly all the hotels accept credits making it easy to pay for expenses.



Mauritian culture is friendly and well coming. It is therefore not uncommon for guest to be received with food or drinks and it is polite to accept. Mauritius is a relatively modern and westernized country but it is important to remember that it still remains a conservative country. It is Important also to remember that when visiting religious sights, you should not expose too much fresh.Finally, book your airline ticket and hotel early in advance to avoid any inconveniences and not forgetting any emergency contacts. Mauritius is a warm welcoming nation with plenty to explore and enjoy be it with friends or family you are rest assured that there is something for everyone.


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