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TED Talks for educators spread the ideas, thoughts, and methodology within 18 minutes or less. A non-profit organization arranges the conferences around the world with more than 100 languages. The speakers are the top level educators or have the tremendous knowledge on educational areas. And from TED Talks show, you will learn so many ideas and practical knowledge. Then you will have the winning strategies on the subjects.

Top 10 TED Talks for Educators in 2017

TED Talks for educations are informative, short, and addressing the important challenges and threats in educational sectors. Also, the speakers deliver the important messages about education in the specific country. So, the rest of the world can understand and share the ideas. To inform you better, here I have picked the top 10 TED Talks for Educators in 2017 from educationblogbd.com who provides SSC Result 2017.

1. John McWhorter, (4 reasons to learn a new language)

In grade school, students learn Math, English, Science, and history because these are the core subjects. But John McWhorter, the linguist, and Columbia professor addressed to add foreign language among the courses. And he also simplified top 4 reasons to learn a new language. In the globalization era, we have to take part in the multilingual conversation. So, if you understand the foreign language, we will certainly collaborate with others coming from another country. Also, sharing and spreading ideas with foreign people are other reasons. Moreover, he outlined the power of words no matter from where the words are coming.

2. Gonzalo Vilariño, (How Argentina’s blind soccer team became champions)

Believing in abilities along with the determination open the door of success. And this is what happened to the Argentina’s blind soccer team. Gonzalo Vilariño, a lawyer, and coach shared this truly inspiring and highly educational story of Argentina’s blind soccer team. In TED Talks, he addressed the untold motivation of the team that how far people can go even, they are blind.

3. Linda Cliatt-Wayman, (How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard)

What would you do to save a falling school as a principal? Well, Linda Cliatt-Wayman, a principal of a failing school from North Philadelphia delivered a powerful message to the world. She dedicated her life to save her school because she couldn’t stop loving her students. Also, she has talked about three key strategies she has taken to save her school.

4. Victor Rios, (Help for kids the education system ignores)

Our education system doesn’t treat all students with the same. And there are some students who always fall behind. So, to help these students, Victor Rios speak various strategies because he also grows up in the inner city. And he knows how it likes to be the “at-risk” students.

5. Takaharu Tezuka, (The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen)

Imagine your kid is learning in not only the classroom but also in the open space where the creativity endeavors. And we all know that the teaching environment directly affects the education quality and students’ mentality. So, Takaharu Tezuka addresses in TED Talks his creative kindergarten design process. However, in this Kindergarten, the creativity will foster, and the kids’ imagination will mount up.

6. Laura Boushnak, (For these women, reading is a daring act)

Can you imagine a country where few girls can get the facility to attend schools? Well, there are still many countries where only a few women can enjoy the education privileges. Laura Boushnak, a photographer and TED follower, speaks up this important message in TED Talks show.

7. Cédric Villani, (What’s so sexy about math?)

Mathematics is a soul fearing subject to many students because it is one of the hard courses. But what if you know some amazing and simple formulas to understand and to learn math? Well, Cédric Villani revealed some important ideas to solve a hard math equation. Share this TED Talks to let others know the easiest side of math.

8. Emilie Wapnick, (Why some of us don’t have one true calling)

What do you will be when you grow up? Every student must hear this universal question. And many of the students already determined their life long goal. But not all of them can fix what they want to be. Instead, there are many students who can’t decide yet. And Emilie Wapnick pointed out that there is no problem if you have an interest in many sectors.

9. Dena Simmons, (How students of color confront imposter syndrome)

Not in all schools but still there are many schools where few different color students think they don’t belong in this classroom. Grew up in such a multi-color classroom, Dena Simmons addressed few strategies for overcoming this fear.

10. Seema Bansal, (How to fix a broken education system … without spending any more money)

Do you ever think the present education system should be changed? Well, in India, Seema Bansal and her team already implemented the creative and low-cost education improvement system. So, the overall education system will develop. And the other educators can apply and get the benefits of this system.

TED Talks for educators spread the innovative and creative ideas for any challenge, so the rest of the world can implement. And this is the best way to share and spread knowledge.


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