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The education sector is one of the most important areas almost every President had planned for it, and Donald Trump is no different. Rather President Donald Trump has revealed few plans for reforming the K-12 and higher education. Although he didn’t discuss his education agenda completely, he had provided a short brief during his inauguration in White House.

President Trump’s Education Agenda

Regarding K-12 education, Donald Trump points out the importance of school choice. Then wants to increase the empowerment of parents in their child’s education. On the other hand, he addresses the renovation of college tuition fund and the administration salary. For extending helping hand to write this article, special thanks to educationblogbd.com who provides SSC Result 2017 All Education Board. However, here I will discuss all the details of President Donald Trump’s education agenda and his vision for education.

K-12 Education Agenda

The President-Elect Donald Trump wants to put a huge weight on the school choice. And because of this regulation, the parents will be able to choose the school for their kids no matter what districts they are living. Also, the parents can admit their kids any school they want.

The President also wants to decrease the power of Federal Government on the education sector. Instead, the local Government and state will get the power to handle the education.

And to apply these changes the President points out, it requires some funds and few Federal involvement of how the funds will be allocated to the states and local government. But before implementing the Trump’s plan about K-12 education, his suggestions require the Congress approval.

Trump’s Post-Secondary Education Agenda

The President-Elect Donald Trump has highlighted to make few changes in post-secondary education agenda. And among the suggestions, the important topic is tax exemptions status on the donation fund. Not to mention that many colleges and universities currently rely on the donation. On the other hand, the President wants the rapid changes in the college tuition. Also, he suggests the change of administration payment scale. Moreover, Trump points out the tuition currently students are paying and suggests to change the tuition costs.

Though President Trump has suggested these above changes, he doesn’t give the proper outlines to how he wants to implement them. So, it’s not clear enough whether the Congress is involved in this matter or not.

American Public Schools Common Core

Besides the K-12 education agenda, President Donald Trump has made a statement about the public education’s common core. And he suggests dismissing the set of education standard. But according to the Atlantic Reports, the President has no jurisdiction on this matter. Rather, individual state and county have adopted the specific set of standard which fulfills the requirements of the states. Also, the states have been implemented the educational rules on the individual basis. But there is little info about whether Trump is making revisions or extending the set of standards for the students’ success.

Trump’s School Choice Agenda

The President-Elect Donald Trump is specifically suggesting to expand the school choices among the private school, charter school and magnet program. Fortunately, this choice will eliminate the education quality discrimination between the rich family students and low-income family students. As a result, the poor students will also get the chance of high-quality education.

According to President Trump, the school choice will lower the tuition cost per student nationwide. Also, the President wants to restructure the fund combining the Federal and state funds. But both the Federal and Congress must approve this plan.

For implementing this plan, the present Federal dollar will provide the budget for $20 billion initial investment. But these Federal dollars will be collected from the present funds, not by collecting the new taxes. Also, the Congress must approve this fund.

If the President wants to implement this plan, the individual state has to provide the collective of $110 billion funds from their education budget. And combining with the Federal dollars, all 11 million students will get the budget of $12000 each who are living at or below the poverty line. Moreover, currently, the Federal Government has the power on the national education. But Trump suggests to change this power role and wants to diminish the Federal’s power on education. And he wants to empower the local and state Government for the education which may lead to the success of education.

Donald Trump’s University Agenda

President Trump has concentrated on how the University uses the donation fund. Also, with this fund, he wants to control the increasing tuition fees and the student loans. Moreover, Trump suggests making affordable the University education with the donation funds. Also, he has criticized the salary scale of the institution’s admins. And he has wanted to spend the surplus payment for the development of the institutions. But he didn’t provide any details how he wants to compress the college costs.

Besides the K-12 education and the Post-Secondary education policies, Trump has included the issues of student loan along with the income-based loan repayment program. But he hasn’t shown the details for any of these plans.

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