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Farts affect every person and it is the normal part of everybody’s life. You will feel much embarrassment if it is combined with smelly and unpleasant odors. You can improve it by making some changes in your lifestyle. It will improve the speed of the food in the intestine and fewer bacteria will be produced in your colon. In this article, we are going to tell you who to stop smelly farts? Let’s have a look.

Track the Food Items you eat

You can take the help of a food journal to know which food items make smelly gas. Make a note of every food item you eat and also the time you take the food. It will help you to identify whether you are producing smelly farts or not.

Chew the Food Slowly

Chewing the food properly is very important and you have to eat slowly. Doing this will make the digestion process very simple and the air will not be trapped in your stomach.

Take Proper amount of Liquid

It is very necessary to add the proper amount of water in your diet. Make sure that you must take any liquid or water thirty minutes before your meal. If you take much water with your meals than it will simplify the digestion process and less amount of acid will be produced in the stomach. Be sure that the liquid intake is 30 minutes before taking the meal.

Never take Artificial Sweetener and Sugar

Artificial sugar and sweeteners are the main cause of producing smelly farts. These things have a chemical known as sorbitol. This compound makes the digestion process complex and as a result, you will produce smelly farts. So if you want to stop smelly farts then you must avoid sugar and sweet products.

Add Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in your Diet

Fresh fruits and vegetable contain fiber and it can improve the ability to break the food into simple components. If you will not add fresh fruits and vegetables in your food then you will produce smelly gas. Many food items that contain more amount of sulphur which can result in producing smelly gas. These food items are beans, cabbage, cauliflower and bread which contain yeast. Carbonated drinks also produce smelly gas.

To stop smelly farts ginger is very effective. It is a natural spice and it regulates your digestive system and also stimulates your saliva and gastric juices. If you have a more severe problem then it is better to consult your nutritionist. Make sure to cut some food items in your diet that has a bad impact on your health. Add all the food items that improve your digestive system and overall health and wellness. Your doctor can give you some medications and treatments to eliminate the smelly farts. The smelly odors indicate that you have a poor health condition and it can be treated with good food and medical treatment. Drink more and more water and start taking green tea which is a good antioxidant and removes impurities from the body with no cost.



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