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Do you have a fantabulous experience in the area of project management? Are you an IT professional and wondering whether you should get a Project Management Certification (PMP) or not? Are you into project management since a very long time and wondering if getting into PMP is worth it or not? The next question that might be coming into your mind is that do these PMPs make successful managers. Does it provide a higher rate of success for the company projects? Well, since all these questions are lingering in your mind, we are here to answer all your questions by providing reasons as to how PMPs are the best. Scroll over!

  1. PMP certifications can expose you to the prominent stream of the project management standards, techniques and latest trends.
  2. These certifications allow you to learn astoundingly spectacular tricks and methods for helping you a great deal in the tasks of project management. Mark Langley, executive vice president and COO of PMI believes that the two studies conducted by PMI and PWC have proved that those project managers who have PMP certifications have increased the success rates of the projects they handled.
  3. PMP certifications are a standard way of displaying your pro skills.
  4. There are a bunch of prestigious companies which prefer those project managers who have a PMP certification. According to Steve DelGrosso, director of IBM’s Project Management Centre of Excellence and the IBM Global Business Services’ Project Management Competency believes that the number of PMP certified project managers are increasing manifold since the clients wish to work with them.
  5. This certification can also provide you with a path of getting into the network of other PMPs.
  6. Project managers with PMP certifications may earn higher salaries than those without these certifications. According to PMI’s salary survey, PMP-certified project managers earn 9.4% more than those who are non-certified.
  7. Your performance evaluations are given a boost by the PMP certification compared to those project managers who aren’t certified.
  8. These certifications may also provide you with paramount teaching skills for sharing with the upcoming PMP candidates.
  9. It is highly believed that those project managers who have spent prodigious hours in preparing for the PMP examinations have stupendous skills for helping with the project to run on time and with the required budget. According to Chris Spivey who has his own project management firm Spivey & Co. believes in the fact that more employers are nowadays hiring certified project managers since they believe it will ensure higher success rates for the company.
  10. If you have a consulting firm to handle, you will have an edge over other firms due to your PMP certification and it will help you to grab the opportunities awaiting you. You will have more business growth than other firms and thus you will prove to be a valuable employee to your firm.


You must now be convinced with the importance of the PMP certification. Now, since you know why project management certifications matter, it is time that you start drilling for the PMP exam and get yourself certified! All the best folks! Continue working hard and you shall succeed!

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