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In the market, you will find a lot of Lego city sets that are recently being released. In this article, we will give you an introduction about some of Lego city sets. These city sets are just making a new theme in Lego city set range. You will definitely find them worth discussing. In Lego city set range you will find many items like Lego city service station, Lego City Park, Lego city airport set etc. Let’s take a look at them.

Lego City Service Station

In the market, you will find many alternates of Lego creator sets but after a long time, they have presented alternates in Lego city sets. You will find that they are very modular and they also include many small sections. This is the reason you can get many options for your layout. Lego city service station is so amazing that it will just make a history.

The price of this set is also very reasonable that is 18 cents per piece. It does not include special parts and mini figures. Once you will buy this set you will think that it is worth buying because of its design that is very pleasing. It has all the features of good play. Once it will be available in the market you will get coupons discount for this city set. You can choose a service station or gas stations as an alternate model. You can start a service station and start your day by placing a car in it.

Lego City Airport Set

In airport range, you will find four new generic Lego Star Wars Set .This airport starter set is the smallest one. You will not find it very exciting as large sets but the fact is that in this city set you are going to get four mini figures and these are a helicopter and other amazing accessories. With this set, you can get an important mail. You can be a part of a crew for a special job. You can load onboard cargo boxes. All it can be done before you are going to help the pilot in the cockpit. You can also fill a fuel tank and you can follow or lead a helicopter on the runway which has guiding lights also. In this set, you will find a male and female postal worker.

Lego City Cargo Plane

The best thing about this set is that you will just enjoy the chubbiness of the cargo plane in it. It looks very cool and it is suitable for large cargo cover. Although it is a medium sized city set but its price is a little bit high. It is recommended that you can make other purchases as well and don’t buy it until you really need a cargo plane in your city layout. So you can load the cargo and take a flight. You can help the workers and pilot to make the packages ready for delivery. You can fit all the packages in it and make sure the back door is properly closed.




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