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When it comes to insulating or sound proofing, the most difficult and perhaps the most important part of the house are windows. Windows are basically the barrier from where the sound can escape and you may have no or very little insulation from these points. If you have noisy family members or children who play and make noises most of the times in day, then you should seriously think about making your windows sound proof. According to the studies of acoustics, normally the sound transmission class rating of a wall is always greater than that of a window. Therefore it is always required to install extra insulation over the windows in order to make them sound proof.

Before making the window sound proof, it is important to make proper assessment for sound leakage. There are many ways to make the windows sound proof. Among all these the easiest way is to fit the sound proof windows which are made from certain insulating material. However this is quite costly but you can also make your windows sound proof, There are several ways for that. Some possible ways of sound proofing the windows are as follows:

Sealing the gaps in window to prevent air passage:

Sound waves are basically the waves carrying certain energy. This energy is retained on the side it is produced. As a result the loudness is not passed to the other side. If there are any air gaps in the windows, the sound waves can travel through these gaps and the windows do not serve the purpose for which these are created. Normally this problem arises in the old buildings as the modern buildings do not have this problem.

Installing heavy curtains and blinds:

If certain mass is added to the surface, then it can reduce the intensity of the sound waves produced. The same principle is applied on the windows with curtains and blinds. In this way the intensity of the sound waves is reduced to a great extent and much of the loudness produced remains on the side it is produced. The up gradation of the curtains and blinds can be done by thickening them or by adding extra layer beneath them.

Making sound proof curtains:

There is a huge variety of acoustic curtains available in the market but if you do not like the design or print of these curtains, then you can also make your own acoustic curtains. For this purpose you have to keep in mind certain points which will make the task of curtain making much easier. First of all you have to select a thick and heavy fabric for making curtains. Secondly you should also be warned that these heavy fabrics are flammable.

Use a window barrier or plug:

The window plug is an acoustic barrier which is helpful in absorbing the sound waves. It not only blocks sound but light as well. The barrier is not only thick but it will also effectively prevent the sound waves from passing through the surfaces of windows.

Replacing the window if it is worn out:

Usually the worn out windows are much vulnerable to sound waves passing through them and they cannot only block the sound waves but also wind and light. Therefore an easy and much cheaper solution to this problem is to replace the window and preferably attach the extra layer of acrylic to reduce the intensity of sound waves entering inside.

Up gradation of the windows:

Usually the residents of older buildings do not have any other option other than replacing the windows or upgrading them. Therefore if you have any such issue it is better to spend money on up grading the window rather than wasting money on repairing it.

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