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Change! Change! And change. This is the motive of fashion trends in 2017.The same reason is for hair styling. People are adopting new trends in haircuts, hair styling, and hair coloring as well. People tend to choose new things but this season they are turning towards something modish, something statement like and something bold. Hair color is something people love to change more often especially the trend-conscious person. Nowadays people are changing hair colors, not in one tone but two tones. We call these two tones highlights and lowlights. These days’ people love lowlights more than highlights. However, there are two popular trends in hair coloring that are Ombre and Balayage. Thought must be popped up that is what the difference between ombre and balayage is.

Why know the difference between two?

This is perhaps the best question before moving on. We should be aware the difference as these two coloring trends is popular most these days. The two are different and demand different techniques, hair structures and much more. So you should know the difference and then decide which hair color is made for you. Which hair color will suit you? Let us discuss each.


Balayage is one of the natural looking hair colors. This is French styles hair coloring. This is the primary foil free mean this coloring doesn’t follow some line and length. This type of coloring will give smooth, natural looking color. One can curl them, straight them, and can leave them with natural light waves. People chooses long as well as medium length hair cut. There are many variations in this coloring. Normally you can have golden to the brown shade. You can avail light golden, caramel brown, brownish redroots of such hair are brown but not golden. Amazingly this coloring technique uses more than one color. Another dominating point is that this type of coloring is a quicker process then foiling or blonde


Ombre is French word which means shaded. This kind of coloring requires two shades one too high and one too low and both the colors are the shade of each other. The coloring starts from darker tone to lighter or blond tone. This type of coloring is like dip dying or even sometimes foils dying. People usually regard it as fire tones. To enhances the look people use this over long hair length. People believe that this coloring style suits long hair more. People adopt Ombre usually need long wavy or straight hair. This type of hair is best as in you don’t have to redo coloring at regular intervals. We can say this kind of coloring is long lasting.

What is the main difference between two coloring styles?

After reading above mention description, we are now able to present difference between two.     The difference is:

Ombre is color, whereas balayage is more like techniques. Ombre is for bold looking, loud and daring shaded coloring techniques. Ombre is sustainable techniques in which two color tones are totally opposite of each other. People may use foil to color. On the other hand, balayage is more like natural looking hairs. They give soft and smooth texture, this type of coloring needs regular touchups. People tries to avoid using foiling. There are usually more than two color tones in balayage. For further information, you can visit theperfecthairstyle.com

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