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Good hygiene starts with perfect dental health. It is the source that provides you sparkling smiles in ways that are welcoming, sexy and attractive.

A regular and proper preventive care must be done for strong teeth and healthy mouth. You may have noticed that the use of the Kolibree Bluetooth Tooth brush is highly efficient and if you haven’t – you need to check it out here.

We all need to be careful while eating sweet things and taking drinks. Carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners among others are harmful to our teeth, so always clean teeth 100% efficiently – with Kolibree smart electronic blue-tooth toothbrush.

Benefits of Kolibree Bluetooth Tooth brush

  1. It cleans your teeth more efficiently as compared to regular brushes.
  2. It helps to prevent your teeth from the formation of plaque.
  3. It offers a playful experience for kids to learn dental hygiene.
  4. With the use of kolibree toothbrush (game and app) – it makes toothbrushing something to always look out for twice daily.
  5. It tells you areas you have missed and ensures you brush effectively for whiter teeth and fresher breath.
  6. It increases your fun experience in interesting ways.
  7. It offers complete information about dental health.
  8. It is a great app that provides enough support to parents for training their kids to brush teeth daily.

The Kolibree Bluetooth Tooth brush is designed for offering protection against harmful oral germs and bacteria. They are available in variety of colors and shapes and very easy to use and operate.


  • It is designed to fit the hands of adults and kids.
  • It offers soft vibration that is soft and safe for your gums
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • Its ergonomic design offers solace to users.
  • It is waterproof and does not soak water

For keeping teeth 100% clean and healthy, whiter and for fresher breath, it is very important to use Kolibree for the family. It saves everyone from germs. It is one of the most effective health accessories in the marketplace for dental healthy living.

You can read more about Kolibree Bluetooth Toothbrush & Dr. Oprah Baker’s exciting experience with her children! You will love everything about tooth brushing – as you do it rightly and with absolute fun! Cheers…


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