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It is technology that is making our life easier, simpler and comfortable. It is technology which makes the world global village. It is technology that we are advancing at greater pace towards progress.  So in technology, we see many cutting-edge technologies to make our lives easier and also safer. On the subject of saving a life, we see many equipment, strategies, and weapons. One of such weapon or equipment is silent equipment which is looking after in very silent and effective way. That device is no other than CCTV. CCTV camera stands for close circuit television. It not only records and displays moment but with the latest technology, you can share it and view it to and from anywhere in the world. It has many diversified benefits as well as some of the flaws. So let’s have a look and decide that does CCTV cameras are a gem?

Advantages of CCTV camera

In following lines, we will discuss some advantages of CCTV cameras.

Crime controlling:

CCTV camera on public places is greatly helpful in controlling crimes. They are helpful in detecting, identifying and controlling big criminals. One is always in fear of being under observation, so they attempt to crime in fewer ways. Moreover, it is helpful in identifying some suspicious activity. So they can control the crime even before it happens. With the help of effective CCTV camera systems not only big criminals are controlled but also small street crimes are also in control. About 41% reduces parking area crimes due to CCTV camera. The rate of mobile snatching and pocket picking is under control controlled through CCTV camera.


Sometimes employee feels reluctant to perform their duty. It is also common phenomena that human being become lazy when they feel that nobody is watching them. This negligence may be due to some reason of tiresome or anything, but with the help of CCTV camera, they feel that their higher authorities are controlling them, watching them and can take action accordingly. Same is the case with students. They are in strict discipline when they are in the examination Hall.

Safer than ever:

These CCTV cameras are magical. If installed in the home, mothers will feel more secure about their house, kids, and maids when they are away for shopping. As you know one can connect and see CCTV camera recording even if not at home or away from the main recording unit.So when mothers are working, they have a keen look at working and activities of their children.

The disadvantage of CCTV camera:

Yes, CCTV camera has some flaws too.Don’t compromise your privacy over security. It is good to be safe, and you are at right side if you are considering installing CCTV camera system. But please keep in mind do not sacrifice your privacy over security. Install CCTV cameras at doors, avoid as much possible as you can to put them inside the house. Give more consideration towards the privacy of your neighbors. Besides this CCTV camera is not a gem.

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