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The Irish lotto was first begun in 1988 when the Irish government passes the national lottery act to play the lottery according to the rules and regulations assigned by the government. At first, lotto received about 36 billion to support the Irish society.

How to play the lotto?

In order to become the part of the lottery, the player has to select six numbers out of 47 numbers. Then the player has to choose the bonus ball. There are two types of games in lotto

  • Lotto plus 1
  • Lotto plus 2

The lottery draws are held on every Saturday and Wednesday at 8 PM according to the local time. there is an option to pick a number randomly or through the lotto 1 or lotto 2 to increase the chance of the winning the lottery.

Price limit

The minimum price limit is 1.2 million Euro and the maximum price for the jackpot is13.83 million Euro. The Irish citizens, as well as the British citizens, can also play this lotto. There is another option of syndicate game which increases the chance of winning the lotto.

Rules to play Irish lotto

In order to play the Irish lottery game, one must follow the rules as assigned by the Government of the Ireland. These includes

  • The person playing lotto must be minimum of 18 years age
  • There are three numbers of draws and the person can prefer to play six or seven number according to the choice.
  • One can choose bonus ball to increase the winning chance.
  • In order to enter in the draw, one must enter the number before 7 PM on the day of the contest.
  • In order to win the jackpot, it is necessary to match all six numbers. There are also offered certain other prizes, one can also purchase the 3 Euro scratch card to with other exciting prizes.
  • One can win a prize if at least two digits are matched, as the number gets matched the value of price increases.
  • One can claim the prize within 90 days of winning the lottery.
  • For the people living in the Ireland, there is no tax applied but for the outsiders, they have to pay some tax amount.

Tricks to win Irish Lotto

In order to win the game, it is important to play the game as much time. There is present the option of lotto advanced which enable the person to play in advance before one month. If the person fails to win the jackpot, he has a chance to win through second or third withdraw.

Players can also play lotto Raffle plus game in addition to lotto, in this way they can win 300 Euro. There is the system of no lucky numbers or choosing the numbers from the calendars the person can improve the chance to win the game by playing randomly and select the number that repeats in consecutive draws.

One can also improve the chance to win by making some writing strategies and selecting the numbers that are repeated in several withdraws.

Selecting the best numbers

In order to improve the chance of winning it is good to focus on the strategy and the winning patterns that can help the person to win the high prizes. The person who can design the best patterns has more chances to win the lottery. For example picking off 3 odd numbers and 3, even numbers can increase the chance to win the lottery by 300 to 40 percent. To win the lotto is not an easy task, there is only one chance in 29 withdraws to win and in lotto plus there is 1 chance out of 14 games.

In order to win the Irish lotto, the person must avoid the birthday syndrome and the election of any lucky number related to the birth date or some date which was lucky in past. Never try to win the jackpot as it is the rare chance one must try for small prizes to get more chance to win the lottery. It is the game of chance, one must enjoy making strategies and plan to win the game but must not be disappointed as the winning and losing both are part of life.

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