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To type without looking is known as touch typing. Touch typing is becoming important day by day. So you should be one of the touch typer. If not then you should be going to learn touch typing. Typing speed is categories in two ways. If you are typing for general purpose typing speed will be 40 words per minutes.However, if you are a professional typist, then your writing speed should be 75 words per minute. Barbara Blackburn is the world fast typist with the speed of  212 words per minutes.  So you should then know some golden tip typing for beginners.

 Practice Home Row Keys:

The character of the middle row, i.e., ‘and JFK;’ are known as a home row.Beginners are asked to practice typing these keys at first. Typist should place the smallest finger of left hand on A, next to S, next finger on D and index on F.Follow same finger sequence of the right hand for characters JKl; You will notice that fingers on A and J are bend more and fingers on F and; are bit lifted. Practice these keys at first.

 Try typing without looking:

Make groups of character.As in character above A and below A should be typed with the same finger.Keep the finger at the right position. Move finger top and bottom more than left and right.Keep fingers near home row. Focus on movement and performance of finger and little finger as they are considerably underdeveloped.

 Focus on Accuracy:

Typing speed includes accuracy too. Typing with great isn’t difficult but typing accurate and with speed matters. So don’t rush to learn to type fastly. Try making a mental map before typing. At the beginning first, read what to type then type.

Take Breaks:

Don’t put yourself into pressure. Give yourself breaks to learn better. Continuous learning may result in fatigue. If you are not giving yourself break then, you will end up learning inefficiency. Especially when you are playing games for learning to type, then you should give yourself break. The break should be offscreen. These games may contain bright colors and flashing object which may affect your eyesight.

Sitting position:

Sitting position affects typing speed fastly, especially for beginners. Adopt and keep proper writing speed.Sit straight and keep your back also straight. Always keep your elbow at a right angle. Sit at a proper distance; it is recommended to sit at 45 to 70 cm away from a distance. Do not put any of your body parts at strain for a longer time. Avoid shifting your body weight to elbow or wrist.

Go for warmup exercise:

Just like any other practice one should do warm up exercise for the finger. Remember these exercises are for warming up fingers so don’t think about errors.

Remember touch typing for beginners might be difficult at the beginning but once you are in form, you will learn quickly. The beginners will be writing at 10 to 15 words per minutes but after sometimes they will be writing about 40 to 45 words per minutes.

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