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Nasdaq abbreviation of National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. It was founded in 1971.  This is the stock market of American stock market and second largest exchange market in the world according to capital. New York Stock Exchange is at the top. It’s marketed capital is $6.8 trillion.  It was world`s first electronic stock market. The platform is owned by Nasdaq, Inc. Nasdaq,Inc also owns Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic and some other options exchange and US stocks.

Three tires of Nasdaq:

The Nasdaq stock market has different levels depending upon the amount of capitalization. Brief Introduction of market tiers:

1-Capital Market: It is relatively smallest of all three. It is usually enlisted smaller companies with small capital. Enlisting rules and regulations are comparatively not as strict as for other markets.

2-Global Market: this market is for the middle-level market. Its registration and enlisting rules and regulations are bit strict.

3-The Global select Market: It is the largest of three. It consists of 1200 stocks. It’s enlisting rules, and companies must meet Nasdaq`s strict financial and liquidity requirements. This is sort of exclusive market.

Stock exchange trends in 2016;

No doubt 2016 was a tremendous year for companies as well as for shareholders. The Nasdaq 100 index shows 6% increase in its business. Dow Jones and S&P 500, they both, have done great business and show the progress of double digits. There are many other companies which showed great uplift in their values. This uplift encourages stockholder to take a risk and come forward.

Spartan Motors also enjoys market raise due after some important announcements. One of such is a strategic agreement with General motors. Their growth rate was up to triple digit which was also surprising for investors. Another company which surprises all investor is Career education. They focused on students and their education level, so increases its revenue and trust level.

Effects of Donald Trump`s selection on Nasdaq:

Selection of American president is going to affect stock markets including Nasdaq as per prediction. So it did, and as a result, Nasdaq faces a great setback. The Dow Jones industrial is also in those companies who face depression as it was closed at 65 points lower. Goldman Sachs and Walt Disney were the two companies who unfortunate in the market at that time. Other declining companies were S&P 500, and blue-chips index. Nasdaq closed at 0.29 percent which is the lowest in 2017on the whole.

It is worthwhile to mention that after faces tension in the economy at the start of the year 2017. However, this depression won’t continue for a longer period, and companies will show a great rise in stock market. However, it is already favorable for tech companies. Ending on a positive note that Nasdaq is for small and newbie companies. Investing in Nasdaq mean that you are investing with the little amount so putting yourself at lower risk however that doesn’t mean that you are limiting your profits.

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