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Writing a thesis is never an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and technical know how if you are to write it in the right manner. There are a lot of people that fail to achieve a high score and get their degree not because they are weak with their studies but because they fail to pen their thesis down in appropriate way. One can find thesis helper online and ask them for the aid as these are professionals who know the do’s and don’ts of thesis writing. And for those that are ‘DIY’ geeks and will write thesis themselves, here are some tips.

Thesis statement

The first thing that you will probably write as you proceed with thesis is the statement. Each paper that you are about to pen down must have a main point. There is a main idea or a crucial message in every article. The words in your paper must be reflecting this main idea. Thus, one can say that the thesis statement is the backbone of your whole paper. It should not be any longer than one or two sentences. One must be able to present the theme of the paper and make his or her position clear in concern with the topic.

Where to write the statement?

When it comes to writing the statement, some prefer first paragraph while others go for the middle of the article. Note that thesis statement should be in first two paragraphs. If your essay is short, clear your stance in first paragraph. If it is long, you can start your second paragraph with the statement. Make your position as much clear as possible. Avoid being general.

Start writing early

If you have a lot of time, do not wait for some of it to pass as you began writing. Note that every minute counts. It is not just the writing that you have to do. The research will be there to take your time. Then, once you are done with the research, you need to organize the points. This too will require time. Then you need to write down the material and penning it down needs your days and nights. Moreover, once you are done with writing, do not think it is over. You have to read it, review it, revise it and make things more appropriate, more clearer and more specific as you submit the final draft.

Take breaks

When you are writing, you need to focus completely on what you are writing. There are times when you will get bored. There will be times when you want to take a break. So, get up, have a stroll outside. Have a cup of coffee and refresh your mind before you come back on your seat and start researching and writing again. However, ensure that the breaks are not too long as it will disturb your tempo and flaw.


So, there are few things you should keep in mind while writing thesis. Taking aid from a thesis helper means that you are lowering the effort and time you need to put and will still get a great thesis for yourself.


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