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Different companies are manufacturing IP telephone system and their features vary from model to model. The IP phone is getting in trend because of their benefits in the office and their multi-purpose use. Some of the best features of this phone are discussed below.

Graphical LCD screen

The advanced and the new IP phones come with the large LCD screen which is used to view the caller ID along with other details also display on the screen like call history, date and time. Some IP phones come with the black and white screen while the advanced form has colored screen used for the video calling and for conference calls.

Multiple function keys

There are present multiple function keys and programming keys, the user can set the phone according to the requirement. He can schedule his time table according to his needs. There are special VoIP built-in features that enable the phone to work according to the IP PBX support system. That is mainly useful for the offices.

Ports for networking

The telephone contains different ports to set the phone with internet or computer system. Multiple RJ-45 ports system is present that enable the user to connect the phone with different devices.

Duplex speakerphone

through IP phone system the user can make three-way communication that involves simplex that means one-way communication for example radio system. Half duplex but only one way at one time that is walkie talkie. The third mode is half-duplex but two-way communication for example phone system. The headset jack is also present with this phone the person can connect the headset for communication purpose.

Support multiple languages and network

The IP phone system has the specialized feature of supporting multiple languages at one time. it can support English, French Spanish etc. in the similar manner the user can set different ringtones according to his requirement.

The telephone also supports multile networking system. this utilizes the system of protocol that means it involves monitoring of devices.

There are other many features available on the phone, for example, there is the facility of forwarding the call to another number. The user can receive the voice mail through the PBX support system.  The person can also see the status of another extension by using the IP phone. The presence of the IP phone in the office provides benefits in following ways

  • Reduced the total cost of the ownership
  • Compliments the end to end communication through IP telephony supports system
  • The configuration of the phone is easy, one can easily manage its system and functions
  • It supports different applications like content networking, video, quality of service, firewall, Ethernet, and DSL.

The modern day phones have changed and the overall system is changed they are multi-functional and facilitated the user with many services. The large screen with the best display enables the video calls as well as the conference calls. It is the useful device in the business. There is no need to go out to attend meeting one can manage the discussion while sitting in his office through this advanced phone system.

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