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Nowadays as the technology has advanced and more solutions for the easy communications has been designed. The people prefer to adopt such system that makes the management and the handling of the business easy and simple. For that purpose, the IP PBX system has introduced which are used to control the office telephone systems.  The telephones used for this purpose are specialized and design in the way that can support this system. Different companies are manufacturing different telephone kits which are used in office either in industries or small setup business. In this system the office share lines in order to prevent more connection. In order to buy the business telephone system, it must contain following features to complete the requirement of the office or business setup.

Mobility features

Nowadays mostly the workforce is mobile especially in companies like pharma industries, telecommunication companies, and construction companies, they have employees that usually work out of the office for that purpose, the office system must be equipped in a way that it contains follow and find the option. So that the employees are connected with each other and can communicate in proper manners. The workers can control this system efficiently and can stay connected with other employees.

Integration with CRM

Integration with the CRM provides such features like

  • Screen popup when the user look for the caller ID information
  • Click to call access
  • Call settings
  • Enterprise phone presence.


All these features are excellent and the workers can us it efficiently to make communication easy.

Unified messaging

By this system, the user can get multiple types of messages in the single inbox, the person can receive voicemail. Email, and fax in the same message box. So it is the best way to manage the messages conveniently. The user can easily listen to the voice messages when traveling and also send the similar message to his team.

Integrated instant messages

It is another incredible feature of the business phone system. It enables the user to check the real time availability of the colleagues so that he can contact him according to the tie of availability. It is the advanced tool that is helpful in the business setup nowadays. The person can schedule his timetable so that other can contact at the time other than meetings.

Administrator portal

Through this system, the staff can manage the communication system in their own time. the admin can change the call routing, passwords, and other options according to the business requirement.

Video calling.

Like the smartphones, the business phones are well integrated and have superior technology to make the communication more reliable. It provides the feature of video calling. This is helpful when the person has no time to move out of the office but he can do meeting with the client on the phone by direct video call. This is the excellent way to communicate with other businessmen for the business dealing or discussion with the client.

So anyone having the business and wants to make communication easy he must acquire the business telephone system with such incredible features.

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