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Men jewelry has always been there since pre-historic times. And it has always been different from women jewelry in terms of shape, material, size and fashion trends. Fashion trends for men’s jewelry also differ in terms of type of articles. Nose pins have never been a trend for men in any culture more than they are for women. In contrast to this bracelets have mostly been trendier for men than for women. Fashion trends for men have been discussed below with reference to various types of bracelets and some insight about their un-said rules which are followed in different societies and cultures.

Men Bracelets by Type of Material

Bracelets can be of leather or metal leaving beside the other fancy materials like luminous rubber. Leather bracelets come in mostly black or brown color. Black is suited for formal dressing while brown is worn with casual outfits.

Metallic bracelets can be of silver, platinum or gold. If a bracelet is to be worn permanently or for longer durations then it has to be of gold or white gold, i.e. platinum. This is because silver is tarnished by long term use and is reserved for wearing for on and off purposes. Out of white gold and gold, gold is mostly worn during an evening party while the platinum is used for daytime uses or offices hours. Both platinum and gold are suitable with black or white suits but with other colors platinum compliments light colors while gold is worn with dark colors.

Men Bracelets by Type of Occasion

If the bracelets are graded into formal, casual and fancy outlooks then every occasion follows a different fashion trend. Around Christmas you will see lots of formal designs with a few casual ones and little or no fancy bracelets. While around the Easter there are more casual designs and lesser formal outlooks. Coming to Halloween, fancy bracelets sell a lot more than formal ones while casual ones are moderate in demand.

Follow-ship of Celebrities

Just like fashion trends of any other item, bracelets too trend in the follow-ship of celebs. Trends can be short term or long term. Short term trends are followed at a larger scale but vanish soon. While permanent or long term trends are followed by a few die-hard fans. Short term trends usually start when a celeb wears something in a party or award show like Oscars. Long term trends follow a piece of jewelry worn a celebrity on regular or permanent basis like the bracelet of Indian actor, Salman Khan, who wears a platinum bracelet with a turquoise stone.

Men Bracelets by Designs

This may be most diverse parameter and hardest to classify into trends. Still highlighting a few is essential part of a fashion blog. Few designs fall into categories while others don’t. Popular categories can be Formal, casual, fancy and the one category that has all these types of designs is Fictional designs. A bracelet known for being worn in a TV show or for viewed in a movie series can be seen a lot around the corner. While the designs that don’t fall into categories are the ones with individual recognition. To name a few these designs include but are not limited to cross, star, anchor and bracelets with letters. Anchor Bracelet for Men have also been trendy among the fans of popular movie series Pirates of Caribbean. Anchor bracelets will be seen a lot more near the release of fifth and last movie of this franchise. Another recent trend is scientific designs which include bracelets with planets or equations or objects like an hour glass.

In short, there are so many types for men bracelets which trend from time to time for known and unknown reasons but still a few unsaid rules always work.

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