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Chess is a popular type of indoor game that is played all over the world. People who are interested games with some critical thinking, reasoning and strategic moves like this game a lot. There are many international and national events associated with this game. It is not an ordinary game but is regarded as the king’s game or a royal game of the world. Since ancient times, famous kings and queens and other courtiers of their kingdom played this game in their leisure times. It brings out a challenging scenario between the two players and ensures that they exhibit the best of their mental abilities and skills during the play for a winning move.

Games are liked by all:

We all like to play games. It is naturally embedded in human behavior to compete with others. People of all ages and segments of the society in indulging in different types of games and sports. It depends on their own fitness level, age, and lifestyle, the game that they play. Some people only restrict themselves towards watching games. They may be passionate about many sports and games but may not play it in their real lives.

Sports vs games argument:

Although chess is a game that has received global recognition and admiration of the world, many people do not consider it to be a real sport. There has been a never-ending argument between the lobbies of both the thoughts. Some argue that chess provides the same level of adrenal rush and excitement that is received in any other action sporting event while other believe that is a game of the old and the less fit. Limiting its play and popularity among the older age groups actually, makes chess a less progressive game of the society. In fact, in the long run, it may even lose its popularity and fame if this trend continues.

The era of video games:

The internet and computers have taken over the world by a storm. Everywhere we look and see there are devices and gadgets powered by the internet and microchips, making lives of the users easier but faster. Video games are one category of affairs where the computing world has made remarkable progress. In the past few years alone we have seen tremendous growth in the number of players both online and offline. People get addicted to these powerful games that provide a totally out of this world gaming experience.

Computerized Chess versions are also popular:

But that does not mean that ancient games like chess are dying out. Their players and users might have decreased in number but the passion continues to grow. For the more technology savvy players, there are online versions of chess also available where you play your chess pieces on a computer or smart device. It gives you the ability to play the game with a larger number of players from all across the globe.

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