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Are you inspired by that fidget spinner your friend owns? Want to have something even more amazing than his 3 minutes spin time, ultra high quality spinner?

Well, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, because spinners with over 5 minute spin times do exist!

Fidget spinners come in a huge variety – from the cheaper ones equipped with recycled 608 skateboard bearings, to metallic ones you can only dream about owning, it is almost impossible to tell a good fidget spinner from a shitty one.

That’s why we here at Spinnerway have decided to compile and present to you the most extensive high quality premium fidget spinner collection ever made. Through intensive hands-on testing and craftsmanship, we have found the best quality fidget spinners for you to play with and add to your collection, regardless of what kind of spinner it is. We’re based in Singapore as both a distributor and manufacturer of top quality fidget spinners.

If you’re looking for a cheap but high quality, budget fidget spinner, look no further than the Spinnerway Assassin series. Equipped with a high speed R188 bearing in the centre, these fidget spinners can spin for insanely long times. We’ve had people review them and obtain spin times up to 6 minutes! Even if you are not adept at the art of fast spinning, a simple flick will easily get you 4 minutes and above in spin times. Assassins come in black, white, red, dark green, ocean blue, and sunset yellow, with very limited stock at all times – get one while they last! These are exclusive to Singapore and cannot be found anywhere else, so do make sure you get one while they last.

For those with a bigger wallet and want to enter the mid-range, consider the Rainbow Zenith to be your ultimate upgrade. Performing like a high end fidget spinner without the pricing problems, the Rainbow Zenith was specially modified with custom buttons and bearings to have an insanely long spin time. With a heavy profile and fun spin feedback, it is the spinner to get if you are looking for something that will last.

Those who are hardcore collectors or fidget spinner fanatics can up their game to the maximum possible with the best fidget spinner: The Eva. A modular spinner made from a stainless steel core housing a high speed, removable R188 bearing, the Eva Spinner features removable brass arms that can be adjusted and fit on it in any configuration you desire. Its fairly slim body also gives it a highly sleek look that is difficult to replicate, and with a 7 minute spin time out of box it is a wonder item for any spinner collector!

For any updates on new models and special promotions in Singapore, check out Spinnerway Fidget Spinners today.

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