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Every decade needs its own manual of handicraft.- Liberty Hyde Bailey

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. – Leo Tolstoy
Skill, creativity and innovation are required for producing a best DIY gift. You can make use of recycled clothes, household items, jewellery and fabrics. With patience and gathering a lot of information in the form of viewing videos, let it be known you can create the best DIY gift.

While handicraft masterpieces are prepared by traditional artisans, DIY designed items can be prepared by even a child provided the right guidance. In recent times, well-crafted and well-designed DIY items are almost in the similar league as handicrafts and they are also sought by fans all over the world.

Embroidery clothes, design lamps, wood-sculpted dolls are the trendsetters. In this article, you will get to know the details of preparing a bracelet which can catch the eyes of one and all. However, add a few tips of your own when designing the bracelet by enhancing your creativity to a high level of excellence.

Art is always believed to be a universal language (unless in drawing and sculpture) as it shows the basic human trait of expression by easily appealing to your senses.
Ensure you look in the internet for the best available bracelet and then decide accordingly to prepare one. The other sources to gain information are jeweller based websites and jewellery retailer websites.

How to DIY a Bracelet
It is very simple to make handmade bracelets. The materials you need are beads of your chosen category, crimp beads, closing clasp, wire cutters, thin wire and jump rings.
String the beads as per your creativity on the wire from one end. Let the other end be attached to the spool. The basic point is not to let the work you put on different beads on the wire go waste if they fall on the other end. Keep stringing on beads until you are sure it can cover the wrist of the person whom you want the gift to be presented.
Ensure you keep the measurement perfect. It can be loose, but not too tight or too loose. If needed, you can remove the extra beads.

Friendship, Brotherhood, Hands, Union, Life, Love

Now let the jump ring make its presence felt at the end of the string. The best way is to add a crimp ring before the jump ring. Let there be some space at the finishing part of the wire. The wire tag end should be threaded once again via the end crimp bead. The jump ring should be dangling in the wire-loop.
The wire can be then passed through all the beads till the jump ring is pressed and made tight. The crimping pliers should be used to clamp and secure the crimp bead.
The excess wire at the crimp bead should be cut off so that the skin does not get poked. Ensure you follow this process on the other side also.

Image result for clasp to the end of bracelet

You can add a clasp to the end of bracelet. Let it be added to one side of the jump ring. You can make use of the pliers for twisting and feeding the clasp to the ring. The jump ring should remain closed and the bracelet can thus be connected together.
The same technique can be used for design/preparation of a simple necklace.
Came the day, and you presented the gift. It was well-appreciated by the concerned person. You get interested in the DIY jobs and your family also supports your view. So within a year, you had become proficient at preparing items in your spare time. . You have recently got an order from a foreign client requesting to ship 50 items to his country. Let us say that the guy says in broken English with a mix of french that your products are going to be a hit in the to-be conducted Trade Fair. He says within two months he is going to order 1000 items for export. You wish you could converse with him on a better level if you know at least the basic knowledge of french.
You search the internet for online tutors; and you want to select a person who has rich experience in the language and should be an academician in his/her own right. The reason, you feel these persons teach for passion and not for money. You find that many of these persons are enrolled in preply.com. It is only a matter of time when you are looking for a French tutor on preply and select the best one to start the classes. You also feel that by learning a new language, your creativity levels will also increase.
Is the export process easy? Below are given a few tips by which you can avoid legal tangles.
You should first open a company in your name with all the necessary rules/regulations/policies as per your country specifications.
Before exporting the items check the credentials of the buyer from the internet.
Usually, an export order is normally done as per the letter of credit. It is wise to seek the guidance of a professional to fill export documentation forms.
When sending export items, take care that the parcel pertains to the prohibition/restrictions set by the respective Government of another country.
All the necessary documents needed for clearance of customs in foreign countries should be prepared accordingly. Let it be known that the process will vary based on your goods. For instance, Turkey will need a Certificate of Origin for many goods. Do not forget to make the invoice in your own company name, all the contents should be typed and ensure the buyer’s name, residence address, zip code or post code, telephone, and country is properly written on the parcel.
You can also send an email to your foreign customer that the product may be subjected to import duties and taxes (if) before the parcels can be delivered.
Agreed, this article moves at a fast pace, but kindly note you can become a success in any career if you follow your heart and passion. With a supportive family, you can beat your competitors at the finish line. Here is wishing the best for your DIY business!

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