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If you have recently completed your studies or you are up to date with the education system of the world, then you must have heard about the large number international testing system across the globe. Some of them are specified for particular subjects like engineering or medicine while are others are specific to location or geographic requirements. Either way these international testing systems are quite important and popular.

With the growth in technological revolutions and innovative communication devices, the world has become a global village. International boundaries and distances are disappearing. Keeping these aspects in view, the significance of international testing systems is further increased. Among the most common and popular international tests of the world is IELTS. For those who are not familiar with this test, some basic information is provided below.

What is IELTS?

It is a test that helps in the measurement of a person’s proficiency towards the English language. It is an abbreviated form of International English Language Testing System. People are required to pass this test if they are moving towards a country where English is one of the native languages. It is an assurance that the moving individual would be able to effectively communicate with the nationals of that country. The scoring or marking of test is based on a scale till the number nine. It helps in the identification of the level of proficiency a person has in the English language. The highest score is nine while the lowest score is 1.

Types of IELTS Tests:

According to the information provided by the concerned organization, this test has two different categories or versions. Both of these are described briefly for your knowledge:

  • Academic IELTS: This version is more suitable for students who want to travel to a country for the purpose of attaining higher education or professional degrees. The chance of a student for grant of visa from an English speaking country is increased if he or she has passed this test. Some Universities and colleges require passing this test with a given score for admission to the campus.
  • General Training IELTS: Any person who wants to migrate to English speaking countries like America, England, Canada and even Australia are supposed to pass this international test first. This migration may also involve work permits or visas for secondary education or other types of trainings and skill development workshops.

Aspects covered:

Both the above mentioned types of IELTS test gauge the ability of a person’s proficiency in English based on four basic factors. These include:

  • English speaking
  • English Listening capabilities
  • English writing skills
  • English reading

Reasons for applying for IELTS:

The three basic reasons for which a person is required to pass this test include the following:

  • If a person is going abroad to an English speaking country for education
  • If a person is going to an English speaking country for work
  • If a person is going to an English speaking country for permanent residency or immigration.

For any further information about the test you can log on to http://www.ieltsacademy.org.




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