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It is Optifine that most of the Minecraft players really want to have. Optifine was developed several years ago and it is built to help Minecraft players modify their gameplay to have a better performance starting from lighting to rendering as well as increase the detail and efficiency. It is a client side mod and it will crash if you load it by a server. Most of the mods are used to increase performance, but it still allows reducing performance.  The other mods may use custom made rendering system so that it can run along with Optifine. Since it provides a general performance improvement, most of the Minecraft players recommend the others to use Optifine in most mod packs, but they have to make sure that it is not causing any issues. You can also try using Optifine with Fastcraft together that can give a better improvement.

Some places to download the Optifine

Creator’s Site


Minecraft Forum

Installing Optifine is not difficult and it is somewhat can be considered as a unique mod that does not rely on Forge. It can be included to the Forge mod pack as other mods or you can also install it manually with JAR file in which it will make a new profile in the launcher. So fat, Optifine becomes one of the first choices for those who want to download mods to improve Minecraft performance in various versions.

In the early Minecraft version, the Optifine is available in three different versions; they are a Lite version, Standard version, and Ultra version. The Lite version of Optifine has a little feature and built for direct installation in the Minecraft, and it is not compatible with Forge. The Ultra Optifine can be considered as the most powerful one among the others. Still, it has some minor issues such as causing chunk border and large in its Multi-Threaded Chunk Loading option, and the flat surface to flicker. The standard version of Optifine also has fewer features if it is compared to the Ultra one and it also has some minor issues in the term of planes flickering. The current best Optifine version is still in the Ultra version in which it is still under development.

Optifine has so many features with new hotkey control for Zooming and Cinematic Camera key. The zoom control will function in the zoom of the camera for gun shooting. It is really useful for bow aiming and scouting. Meanwhile, the cinematic camera key will make the camera to have inertia. When you use it while moving the camera, it will no longer whip the camera, it will make the camera turn in the target smoothly. It is also working in automation anytime the Zoom control is use.

So, do you think that Optifine is interesting? Of course, it is very useful when you have been playing Minecraft for months, but you feel bored with the look. By using Optifine mod, you will have several features to allow you having more with the gameplay. You will no longer feel bored with the appearance and you will not find any lags anymore.

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