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The modern world is having very researches and inventions in the field of medicine. The scientist has enlarged groom the medical world with the astonishing creations and treatment for every disease these days. The peoples are having the busy life and with the tensions of the world and hypertensions, they are facing many serious diseases. Stem cell therapy is one of the most creative invention and treatment for many of the diseases of the patients. It brings new life to many of the peoples who loses hope of life it gives a leading light to them.

What is a stem cell therapy?Stem cell therapy is the best treatment way for the highly growing disease and medication problems. One most treated medical condition is the bone marrow. The transplant of the bone marrow is the widely used treatment for the peoples.  Doctors use stem cells to treat the patient of various diseases not only the bone-marrow it can also use to treat diabetes, heart problems, neurological diseases and brain blood clotting treatments. In the stem cell therapy, they use the stem cell of the other patient and give it to the other person having the problems the healthy transplant of the cell therapy is widely using these days. They separate the singular cell the fist embryo cell from the healthy body and insert these cell to the patient. The advancement of storing the bone marrow is also introduced in this field.

Stem cell treated diseases:

Some most using treatment with the stem cell therapy are mentioning below:

  • The bone-marrow cancer
  • The cordial blood treatment
  • Corneal rejuvenation eye
  • The blood and epidermal stem cell treatment

Bone marrow cancer:

The mesenchymal stem cell transplantation is the use of the patient suffers from bone-marrow cancer. The way of transferring the bone marrow of the other person is not the only way to treat this disease. The scientist has worked on it and gives that the tissues and tendons of the same person can help the patient to recover from this cancer disease. The cell transplantation of the same individual can be moe effective for the patient of the bone marrow.

The cordial blood treatment:

The cord blood treatment is the way to deal the patients and children with the blood disease like leukemia the body with the less blood producing system. The cord blood is the process in which the pliability of the pipe of the baby having food from the mother during the time in the womb before birth. After the birth of the baby, this serving pipe can be stored with its blood cells present in it to transfer the child having the blood cancer problems of the white blood cells. The single blood cord is only favorable for the child of less age as in the adult the single cord is not the way to treat. Doctors may get two cordial blood samples to treat the blood cancer in an adult. It is more likely that the blood group of the donor and the patient must be same. The other treatment of this disease is in the researching process till then the only way to treat the children having the white blood cancer is the cordial blood stem cell therapy.

Corneal rejuvenation eye:

The anatomical structure of the patient gets damage during any explosive cremation the corneal restoration is the way to get the sight of the patient. In this procedure, the limbal cell sizes from the healthy person and fix it into the eye f the patient to furbish up the sight of the patient. This treatment is not very common in everywhere it mostly tastes and practically working in the Europe.

Benefits and Side Effects:

Side effects of stem cell therapy:  Benefit if the stem cell therapy:


·         Every treatment in which the cells or any of the tendons are transfer in the other body it gives some side effects. The patient who has the transplant of the stem cell therapy may get effective by the hair loss, vomiting some digestive disorders. ·         The stem cell therapy has many healthy benefits. The transformations of the diseased cells with the newly organized cells give very beneficial effects to the body of the person. It regenerates the diseased person to the healthy lifestyle. The treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, blood cancer and many other deadly problems. You may get survive with the help of the treatment of this therapy.
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