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Many persons believe they are destined to make the same mistakes in each relationship. This is not true! Relationship mistakes do not have to be repeated. You can learn from past relationships and improve future ones by taking an honest look at common relationship mistakes.
The joy of getting older is looking back and reflecting on past relationships and the mistakes made while in a relationship. Some relationship mistakes may have been humorous, others embarrassing, and some just plain scary. Maybe you can relate. No matter how serious or crazy a mistake made during a relationship there is knowledge to be gleaned by reflecting on what transpired during the relationship and by vowing not to repeat the relationship mistakes again. The following are a few relationship mistakes that should be avoided.

Examples of Relationship Mistakes

The first way not to repeat relationship mistakes is to recognize them so you can avoid them in the future. There are obvious hints and subtle hints that will manifest themselves during the relationship to help you realize you have made a mistake entering into a relationship with the person. For instance:
The Cheater For instance entering to a relationship with a well known person who cheated on their previous boy/girl friend thinking it will be different in a relationship with you, or you can change the person to be a one woman/man person is an obvious mistake. The only person who can change their behavior is they themselves. For someone to spends weeks, months, and years attempting to do so will more than likely reap heartache and skepticism, making it harder to trust others and difficult to enter into another relationship.
If you have had the unfortunate experience of being in a relationship with a cheat and liar, do not fear you wont ever have a successful relationship, just make a point of setting your standards higher and not settle for someone who you are not able to trust just because you are afraid of not ever having a relationship with someone.
The Talker They only want to talk about themselves and they want you to talk about them also. But they only want to hear good things, never suggestions or criticism, only how wonderful they happen to be. Getting into a relationship with a person like this is another obvious mistake. If someone doesnt take the time to inquire about your day, health, goals, or ideas they only need you around as an audience and not as a companion. Look for a person with whom you can exchange ideas and with whom you can work towards common goals.
The Bully
When in a relationship with a Bully first there are subtle hints that soon become more obvious. A Bully will softly demand things are done their way until the relationship is established and then they can become verbally abusive or violent. Even if one has been in a relationship with a Bully in the past it doesnt mean they have to continue this relationship mistake. Low self esteem is usually the reason one gets involved with a Bully. It is a mistake to stay in this type of relationship. You do deserve better and can do better. Once out of a relationship with a Bully vow never to go back into another relationship mistake like that one again. You can also think of the relationship with a Bully as the lowest point in your life and the only way in life left to go when choosing to enter another relationship is up.

The Non-Committer
How long have you been in a relationship where he or she wont make a serious commitment? The person wants to have a relationship with you and everyone else. This is not like you are in a relationship with a cheater, no they make no bones about wanting to date other people while dating you. If you are not in full agreement with this type of relationship than dont make the mistake of hanging around: Walk! Why should you be on a wait-list waiting for someone to call or spend time with you? Arent you more valuable than to succumb to this kind of treatment? Yes you are! Once you have walked away from this type of relationship mistake vow not to allow someone with empty promises to monopolize your time again.

What They All Have in Common
To put it simply the common thread with the previous four types of persons you made a mistake entering into a relationship with is that they are centered on being selfish and are egotistical individuals. Also be aware the descriptions fit both males and females equally. If you would like to have a happy nurturing relationship than avoid people who display these types of characteristics. Unfortunately, the majority of persons on the earth have made a relationship mistake or two in their lives before recognizing how to avoid them. It is from previous relationship knowledge that this article is able to be written. The important thing to remember is to gain valuable knowledge from the mistakes and vow not to repeat them.
Once you have experienced, the cheater, Bully, or non-committer, learn from the mistakes in the relationship, cut your losses, and move on. You are too valuable a person to remain in such bad relationships and, young or older, you still have plenty of life to live being happy instead of continuing to experience the pain of a bad relationship or repeating the mistakes that came with them.

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