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Football is the world’s game and if there is any game that connects the whole world together is football. Football has evolved into the number one popular game of the world. It is played widely in all the world continents. As a football enthusiast, the appetite for stuff related to football never ends.

The sport is covered from many aspects and from last decade with the growth of internet tons of websites appeared targeting the niche of football customers worldwide. Whether it is Barclays Premier League or Bundesliga or La Liga these websites cover all the important stuff related to transfers, fixtures, scores, strategy and whole game.

Most of the major leagues in the world seasons are over with the new champions for the season of 2016/2017. The football fans around the world are gearing up for the new seasons that is going to start soon after players return from friendly and international game fixture. The love for football is also growing in those countries where it was not popular before. Youngsters equipped with their smart gadgets want access to all latest information.

All major and minor football clubs around the world will take part in summer transfer period and would try level best to get the new popular star or best man for the upcoming season. This article is going to share the top 5 websites loaded with 360 football results and stuff for amazing football fans.

 The top 5 websites are following:

  1. Euro Sport: There are many websites that are country or league specific. But Euro Sport covers all the news of leagues and news in Europe. Euro Sport comes under the banner of famous Yahoo Sport. Euro Sport has sections specific country wise. Also, there are sections for famous football leagues in the world such as Premier League and La Liga etc. Europe is the heart of famous football clubs that are followed by millions around the world.
  2. Football 365: Football 365 now operates under the popular mainstream media channel SKY news. A comprehensive news service with interesting live knockout debates captivates the attention of the football fans. It also features a community for football fans to interact with each other regarding latest transfer news, speculation, and gossips.
  3. World Soccer: As it is evident from the name World Soccer covers news from around the world. This website is quite good for news regarding international football events such as World Cup, Euro Cup, and Copa America etc all news are covered. Every football fans follow the specific football club and country and world soccer provides news for that. It also features a handsome collection of blogs and columns updated for the football fans.
  4. ESPN FC: The list is incomplete without mentioning the prominent ESPN. ESPN as known for being the premier sports news channel also has dedicated website for football. All important football news regarding transfers, fixtures, strategies and winners is covered by ESPN FC. ESPN FC also has dedicated panel of football pundits which share their expert opinion on big matches.
  5. Goal.com: This website covers information from the entire football world. Whether it is Premier League or La Liga all the latest transfer news, speculations and gossips are covered. The Goal is considered as an effective news source for main stream news channels as well. Sometimes information is not reliable but the latest trending news catches the attention of every football fan. The Goal also has dedicated Indian website for India that is ever growing as football country.


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