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A term paper is research work done and then presented in writing. Students have to conduct and write about his research work. This term paper is mostly compulsory. Term papers are about some topic or event. Usually, there is not a limitation of number of words, in fact term paper consist of numerous pages discussing the topic in detail. Term papers are usually submitted at the end of the term or at the end of the session. Term papers may include some audio-visual aids to in support of the paper. The term paper writer can submit term paper in hard copy or soft copy or both. Normally term paper comprises of following steps or objects.

1-Cover Page

Remember first impression is the last impression. It is title or cover page which is observed first whenever term paper is submitted. So it should be professional looking and should demonstrate the niche of the topic. Cover page contains

1-Name of writer

2-To whom it is to submit

3-Topic and page number

Though there is no hard and fast rule about what to include on the page and what to exclude.


The abstract is the other name of the summary. It usually comes next to title or cover page. The abstract is usually written in one paragraph, and that should be less than one page normally of 300 words or less. Abstract summarize what the paper is about. The abstract may include the conclusion of the research work but keeping main points hidden.


First and foremost rule for writing an introduction is keeping the reader interested in reading the whole paper. So the introduction is the first try in this move. The introduction includes background or what make writer to do this research. An introductory paragraph explains the purpose of research too. The introduction should be clearly and concisely explained.


The body of the term paper is the detailed explanation of research work, steps taken to do the research. This will enlist all the important factors of the research. However, everything in the body should be in the logical flow. Writer should stick to the main topic is an important factor.


The conclusion should be the last part. Mostly conclusion is one paragraph, but in rare cases, it can be extended up to two paragraphs. The conclusion summarizes main idea and findings as well as proof of findings as evidence to the reader. It is considered a good practice to end conclusion para with words like “as a result,” “concluding,” or anything similar.


Normally people get confused between result and discussion and omit discussion. The discussion is explaining one`s point of view about specific whereas result is just finding. Results do not include personal inferring. The discussion is more like answers to questions asked in the introduction.

Formatting :

Formatting style is the key factor to consider while writing a term paper. APA and MLA are the two types of formatting styles are adopted for writing academic writing. Citations are important. If term paper writer ignores r formatting style his work will be considered as plagiarism.

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