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Apple is one that introduces the new iPhone regularly with advanced featured that urge the old iPhone users to sell used iPhone and get some cash before converting to the new iPhone model. There are several ways to sell your old Apple phone at different prices like you sell used iPhones to an individual, trade for the credit, sell it in the marketplace or sell it online.

It does not matter with which option you move forward except one thing which is to get paid soon. It so because a survey told that after launching of every new iPhone from the Apple there is a 10% decrease in the prices of old phones within two weeks.

Selling a used iPhone need personal handling to get a good amount. The Followings are the online places where you sell used iPhone at best prices.


Craigslist is the best place to sell old iPhone, where you can get the highest price for your device. The price ranges between $70 to $800 per apple device depending upon the condition, specifications and many other things.

It is also known as the best place for scammers who are always ready to scam you by offering very high prices for the used old iPhones. The scam rate is elevated in the New York area where you can get a lot of emails through which scammers try to rip you off.


NextWorth is the best place for the lazy folks selling the iPhone and get a price guarantee. You just need to select your phone, and determine it’s condition and ship of the exchange when you agreed upon the price. They did not deal less than iPhone 4, so if you even have broken iPhone 4, then you can be paid a little according to the condition. If you have any device older than iPhone 4, then look for another option to sell it.


Amazon is the world wide famous site to sell used iPhone. It can offer around $8 to $400 per device according to its condition and specs. No matter how old phones you have, you will little amount of it in your pocket.

Amazon Trade-in program one of the best program of its kind that allowed you to sell used iPhones at best available prices. You just have to answer some questions about the model of the phone, its specs, the condition of the mobile, do you have accessories for it or not. After filling this information, you will get a gift card of your phone price from the Amazon.

Quick Point of order is another Amazon program that allows you to sell your used iPhone. This thing much time consuming than Trade in the program. You first need to create an account and list your phone at your price of choice. You will get an email once your phone is sold and the money will be transferred into your account within 14 to 21 working days.

If you think that you are unable to go with this option, then it is better to go with Craigslist because you will get more money directly.

Ek Buyers:

Ek Bueyrs is place where you can sell used electronics like old smart phones, smart watches, tablets, computers and laptops. Just fill information about your product, set product price and ship the product to them and get paid.

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