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Love to write? If so, then go online, find a writing job, and start making money in the comfort of your sweet home. There are thousands of websites from all over the world posting writing jobs for prospective writers. Working from home has lots of benefits as well as it is a fun. Not only, you get to stay at home and write but also can do it on your own schedule. However, finding a freelance writing job can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to apply for it. Here I have come with a proper guideline which will definitely help you in getting a writing job according to your taste.

Just do these 4 things before applying for a writing job online!

  1. Write Samples

Just like designers, writers also use a portfolio to showcase their published content that they wrote in their past jobs. In the portfolio, you should put your best samples of writing. If you don’t have any, then write some samples according to the writing style of the company you want to write for. Just look on their website and read a few sample articles to follow the same pattern in your writing. After writing some samples, you should proofread and edit them so that they are ready to present with your resume.

  1. Facts check

Another important thing to do is to check the facts and figures which you have used in your sample articles. Most of the freelance writers rely on some websites for information, but if some expert bloggers wrote the blog post, it is possible the facts and figures are not accurate. Having questionable facts in your content will make your impression bad. So, it is advised that you must research your facts from popular newspapers, magazines and some authentic online. Another thing is to be noted that when you put anything from a source, mention a note for it.

  1. Check Grammar

When you write, there are chances to miss some certain items in your content. That’s why Grammar check is essential to any writing. Nowadays there are numerous softwares available for checking Grammar. You can use any top-rated add-ons for your word program to check grammar.

  1. Learn search engine optimization

If you want to make your career in content writing, then you should learn search engine optimization. It’ll help you in writing keywords-based content. With SEO know-how, you will know how to use specific keywords in an article, what their density is, and people can search your articles in search engines through keywords. Once you learn this online technique, you can list it on your resume. Many online companies prefer to those writers who have expertise in writing fully optimized content.

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